What's going on?

Nov 13, 2011
I've given this guy the benefit of the doubt for 4 months now, but getting to the end of my tether with it.
I've been given every excuse from lost post, mail server issues, delayed production, trips away etc, but now I am just straight ignored.

I paid for a set of carbon fibre knuckle dusters in Dec 2011 via paypal. They were apparently sent sometime in Dec but never turned up.
At first Mark was great, said he would send another set, a few delays and what not but I didn't mind. Now, 4 months on, he won't reply to any emails and nothing has arrived.
The last email from him on 14 March was that he would, and I quote "send a tracking # for them". At that point everything was very amicible and he was apologetic and helpful.

I think I've been more than patient, I know he is around as he has updated his twitter in the past few days. The money I sent is out of the window to claim via paypal, so I have no other choice than to go after him online.

I have email/paypal proof of all of this, I just want my money back ($114) but it seems impossible. I will say that he has ALWAYS been very kind and helpful in communication, but after chasing and chasing, I don't see what choice I have other than to make others aware?
Jul 13, 2011
I, too, am having problems contacting Mark (except I'm out of pocket $1240). If you're reading this, Mark, please contact me immediately.