What's in a name?

Discussion in 'Schrade Knives Collectors Forum' started by Dan K, Jul 13, 2000.

  1. Dan K

    Dan K

    Oct 4, 1998
    Hi All,
    I just bought a knife that looks like an LB7, but the tang stamp says, "GMC" over USA and it appears to have a black Titanium coating over a stainless blade that is 3&5/8 inches long. Can anyone help me with an i.d.?
  2. tpaulos


    Aug 6, 1999
    Hi Dan
    I also have one of these,it is a lb7,and looks like it has a black nitrade finish.Schrade does alot of specialty work for alot of diferent companies,I have some stockmans and trapers in green black wood and even white linen macarta,I think these are all factory over runs,but are alot of fun to collect.
    tony paulos

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