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I like to take cheap to buy older quality steel knives and "bend" them to my will. The old Schrade H-15 can be had pretty cheap, used decent steel and did not put up much of a fight. This one was in very good shape to start with. I cleaned the blade, flattened the grip(hate round grips)- I ground 3/4" flats on each side and then blended the contour. It felt like it needed a thumb ramp so I put one behind the guard and blended that in. Broke the edges on the aluminum guard and sharpened blade. The next one will probably end up a spear point, sort of.

The DM Utility is one that I messed up by asking for the grip to be .80 wide. Given the handle config, this left it wider than it was deep- oh well. My bad, David gave me exactly what I asked for. Thanks to the laminate layers of the suretouch, I had easy guidelines to thin it. Then broke the countours a little and filed in some grip channels. I know..... but it feels great!


Since I cannot carry a "double edged knife" in my state or several others places I go and I REALLY want one of David's 6" Daggers- I drafted the two below. One is a mash between a Dirk and a Dagger with a touch of spade to the tip VS icepick. The other is another attempt for me at an O'Kissaki knife.
I would love to hear opinions. Stock would be .160 8670. (mistake in drawing shows .180 and I already loaded the pic) They are not for piercing armour or car hoods- actually, given today's cars, I am SURE they could pierce car hoods.

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Bill I love what you did with the utility!!!!
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