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What's in yout toolbag?

Aug 20, 2000
I find i enjoy knives through a wide spectrum. I own china cheapos as well as custom full damascus work of art, but this is what i would consider my carry list.

A Sog Seal pup -- the only knife i love to bash around.

A Cuda tanto -- probably the best action i know, just as fast as auto without the fuss.

A BM42 -- the one that wows people not to mention the strogest locking folder on earth.

A GI machete i bought for $12 at the PX -- now this baby i use to hack whole forests with.

If i was stuck out in a rut this is what i would want to have with me, what would be yours. And please we all would like to have that sub-hilt or that damascus otf, but real knives you would use with no hesitation.

Peter Bui
Some guy in California just ate a worm and boy is it yummy.
I enjoy threads like this, after all, what's the benefit of earning all of this gray hair if I haven't learned anything? I leave the house fairly confident, and here's my 'possibles bag.'
1). Take a healthy body; if I get confronted by a nerd with a Sifu, I think I've just found a new way to get a cheap knive.
2). VISA card and cash. I 'eat' more than I 'cut,' and hitting a grocery store is easier than dropping on some wild peccary with a LCC.
3). While it's`cowboy boots to work, if I'm slummin' I wear comfy hiking boots and thick white socks. I can put up with my mother-in-law, I can hack Clinton, but when my feet hurt, it's over.
4). Some type of compact screwdriver set. After all, you can't slash everything open!
5). A cheap, second knife. In my case, a completely stainless Ka-Bar Hobo knife. The world is messy, and Microtechs are expensive. Besides, I might need to loan an edge to a friend.
6). An F-150. A bad ride is better than a good walk--trust me, snow in Wisconsin never quits, until August, when road construction starts.
7). A bad attitude. Hey, I'm still alive...
Now, this sounds really basic, but I feel I live well. Most of my friends have fancy deer rifles of magnum calibres, and they pay a high tariff. I have a sweet Ruger Ultra-Light in .243 Win. Oh, by the way, I also have lots of deer meat...--OKG