What's more for the money? Williman Henry or small Sebenza.

Aug 15, 2000
Before any of you die-hard sebenistas jump out of your sneakers, let me ask that for fair responses.

Let me also ask you if I am making a fair comparison? Are the larger WH's comparable to the small decorative Sebenzas or Umfaans? or do they fill completely different markets?
WH's are nice, very nice, but IMO, they are just too..."underbuilt?" I had a cf Spearpoint, and it weighed almost nothing, and was extrememly thin, including the width with the clip. I was very nice, don't get me wrong, but I didn't feel like I was holding a knife, when I had it. However, this is coming from a guy who's daily carry is an L-CC.
If you want, smooth (smoother than Sebenza) thin, lightweight, gents type folder, get a WH...if you want a daily carry user with some "beef", get a Sebbie. The WH's are the perfect "pocket knife". Even the Spearpoint doesn't have enough mass to justify a pocket clip. ...and I am a clip only guy myself. I guess it depends on what you're after in a knife this time around.

I have no experience with William Henry's,other than they look like really nice dress folders.Sebenza's are tough like a tank,decorated ones fill the nitch for dressy occasions.I like the sebenza between the two the best.
It would depend on what I was looking for. I find William Henry knives to be more a gentleman's knife, whereas I think of the Sebenza as a more rugged working knife. Could be wrong though. That is just my opinion.
Bear in mind these are just my opinions, so take everything with a sackful of salt
For me, they're both great little knives, fullly the equal of many custom folders. I have a small Sebby and will own a WH Lancet someday.

The WH line are some truly premium gent's folders. They are truly lightweight, have flawless grinds and finishes and opens smoother than many customs. I think for a daily carry folder for light work, the T10 or T12 would be a great choice. Also they are quite a bit cheaper (say $75) than the sebenzas and look less TAC can thus be carried without fuss around non-knife people.

The Sebenza is another fine little knife with many of the attributes of the WH line: flawless finishes and smooth opening. In terms of craftsmanship, I feel the Sebenzas and WIlliam Henrys are about equal. The Sebenza's integral lock, titanium handle and stonewash finish lends it better to hard use than the WH knives.

In short, if I didn't want to spend too much, and the knife would only be used for light tasks, I'd go William Henry. If I had the money to spend and thought the BG42 and Titanium integral lock worth the extra money, I'd go Sebenza.


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I'm glad you posted this thread, because I've been contemplating the same question: Sebenza or William Henry?

I was teasing my wife the other day, telling her that a certain dealer had Sebenzas on sale, and that she ought to buy me one -- she said yes! The only problem is, I've handled a Sebenza, and it didn't do anything for me.
And sorry, Sebenzistas, I also think they're ugly. So I'll probably let her buy me an amber bone spearpoint, instead.

On the other hand, Jackyl has a point: while I really like my CF Lancet, it barely feels like it's there -- which is fine, since that fits the role I purchased it for (PC office carry).

Bottom line, if you want a gent's knife, go with William Henry. If you want a workhorse, go with a Sebenza.

Or, just to be a trouble maker, let me suggest that you spend a few bucks more (but less than you would for a decorated Sebenza) and get a Darrel Ralph Apogee. It can fill either role -- beautiful to look at, and built for hard use.


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