What's on your list for 2007?

I'm seriously looking at the CF BG42 Mili, but I'll need to look at the catalog before I do anything rash...
1) BRG ZDP-189 Endura for sure.
2) Caly 3 probably, although I'm not sure why.
3) T-Mag likely, just out of curiosity.
4) CF/ZDP Stretch if I can knock over a big enough bank :D
5) G-10 Ayoob (hey, I can dream, can't I?)
Which one would you like? There are several, including (more or less) the infamous "Now is the time...for a new hawkbill" thread. Also known as the thread that wouldn't die ;)
I wanted to get a dayhiker for BBQs as a sort of all purpose/utility/food knife. 4.75 inches is a great ultility length.

I dont see a lot of interest in the new spyderco fixed blades. What is up with that? Im also wodering how thick they are cause the current guide doesnt say anything.
If funds and my reason allow it :) I'll be eying these: CF Caly3 (but pins on such an expensive piece :confused:), CF Stretch, ZDP Lum Chinese and MAYBE (if no frn and better clip is present) Native S125V (in no way I will be able to get all in short time, Spyderco must take time with these :))
I tkink it's ODD that nobody has mentioned a Captain thus far!!!

well, babakanoosh, i grabbed that one in 2006, so maybe a lot of people jumped on the captain bandwagon after hearing how great it was as well... ;)

i'll definitely spring for the zdp lum, but i'm still waiting for other models to be announced. i'm anticipating good surprises (which is semi-oxymoronic, i suppose) :D
I've seen the T-Mag mentioned in the forms a lot lately and haven't been able to find anything or any information on one---I hate to change the subject, but, what is it? Thanks :D. And, uh, by the way, I'm thinking original Chinook, Yojimbo, a blue G10 Native, an original Massad Ayoob, and, if I'm lucky, an aluminum Civilian---I like the older stuff. :)
I just found a link that showed me some more info---stupid me, I saw it in Knives Illustrated about a month ago---thanks for helping forgetful me :D
Para-Military black blade SE (updated version)
Pink Delica 4
Micro Dyad
Ladybug 3
Robin G10

If only this was all...
The only one that I'm really looking forward to is the Pearl with Abalone Kiwi. Will add the three 2007 Kopas to my collection. Still hoping either the Black Quince or Jigged Bone one will be clipless, in which case I'll be very happy, finally have one to carry, and will get "a few" extras to have SFSW customize for me. Nothing else that really excites me, or rather, the only two that might are "wrong handed".
There's not much on the 2007 list that I have to have. However I will buy an engraved Dragonfly/SE and Cricket.

And maybe the ZDP Endura/SE.

That's about it;)