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What's on your wish list?


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Oct 14, 1998
I'll start.

SureFire 3P
Spyderco Military
Anything from Mad Dog and Busse
A wheelmouse
A wireless keyboard

That's all for now,
Okay, I'm next...

[*] Benchmade Axis Lock and Pinnacle
[*] That new Spyderco/REKAT knife (as well as anything else from Spyderco
[*] 460 Magnum by Greg Lightfoot with carbon fiber bolsters and red G-10 scales
[*] Another MicroTech SOCOM
[*] MOD Trident (got one on order

Dexter Ewing
Knife Reviews Moderator

"The keystroke is mightier than the sword"

A Busse Battle Mistress!

Greg Namin
The world is 75% water. The rest is drop zone.

Bob Dozier River Guide FB
CS Vaquero Grande
Spyderco Moran FB
Spyderco Civilian
Glock 23 or 30

An EDI genisis,
a good drill press,
a gift certificate for Koval Knives(handle materials)
good health. which really should be at the top of the list.


OK, Lets see: Good Health
A new Pick UP
Early Retirement with $ to spare
Happiness for those I love
Having My Daughter done with Vet School
Time for Fishing
Oh yeah Knives: Sebenza Gold Coin
Any Cool MT
Couple MDs
Repeal of All Auto Knife Laws Nation Wide
And what ever knife I ordered last, NOW!!!

That’s All

Take Care,

Chris Reeve Sebenza
BM Axis and Pinnacle
Big Screen TV

Man,are you people missing the boat!
Lucky Dog and Shappa have the right idea!!

Hello,wake up folks,look around you,
What do you see, Damn look at these message boards and the other Forums look at Jerry Springer's show
The World we all live in is in some terrible trouble.

At the TOP of my list is nothing less than Peace and Happiness for all.
and of course for ALL children to have a belly fill of food and a better than avg chance, to change the world for the better.

For me a Damascus Nemesis is ALL i want

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An unlimited supply of food
Lots of money
Resumption of the NBA season

Mad Dog
Gold Coin Sebenza
Busse Steel Heart II

Is all this too much to ask?

I'll bet some of you guys are wondering, "How come Win doesn't wish good things for other people?" Well the answer to that question would be: "Because I only give a damn about myself!" Just kidding


Knife lover, Philosopher, Humanitarian, and All-around nice guy
(all right, so I'm just a knife lover)
Steel Heart II w/Infin steel
Mad Dog AZ Hunter or ATAK
Limited Edition Sebenza
Beretta S682 "Live Bird" O/U 12ga

Failing that, appropriate tools. I should be getting a EDMF Tanto, and plan on "Scouterizing" my FR8 further...

MT Socom

This custom thingy I been working on that I havent gotten out of my head onto paper. That one I REALLY want!

I'm sure there will be much much more...but at the moment thats all I can come up with =)


Mouse Assassins inc.

im not greedy. i just want one of everything emerson, crawford, kasper and mad dog make.
and the entire benchmade, CS, and Microtech line.
is that too much to ask for????
a Bill Moran Damascus ST-24
or If I can't get that I would be delighted
with a Billet of Devon Thomas Damascus Steel
(rain drop pattern).
or a new spyderco rescue jr. to replace the one I lost. :)


Wish list.....

Benchmade Stryker
Chris Reeves Sebenza
Spyderco Terzuola Starmate...when it's released
Cold Steel Trailmaster
and a kick ass graphics workstation TDZ2000 GT1....mine is a dawg!

First would be for my puppy to be housebroken and to remain healthy.

Then would be for REKAT to return my emails.

The new Spyderco/REKAT would be nice, as would a Himalayan Imports khukuri, a CS Trailmaster, and an AG Russel Deer Hunter.

My 11 month old sons continued health and happiness,
A Jeep for my wife,
A Damascus MT SOCOM
A Cold Steel Large Voyager Tanto Serrated
2 Customized Stiff Kiss's
A Cold Steel Voquero Grande
A EDI Genesis
A Camillus CUDA drop point
(not necessarily in this order)
A Panasonic fax machine
And most importantly, continued love from God upon my family!
I'm not going to list every knife I want in this reply, because I would be still typing them tomorrow if I started now

I haven't really thought about Christmas, but my birthday is this month and I want a Ka-Bar (the basic model).