What's preferred for handles: horn or wood?

How does one explain a rainbow or a butterfly to a blind man? A symphony to a deaf man? The HI experience to a philistine like Jim, the invincible ignoramus?

Sancho, bring me Roxinate, saddled up and ready to tilt at windmills!
TSK! TSK! Rus,if I had to choose, I would help the nurses hold you down, take a fingernail file ,saw Aud. in half,feed you food instead of goat jearky, increase your apprec. of music(make you listen to Terry Clark & Travis Trent)& have you admit to RESEARCH! that would make my day!! :D Want to hear how I would improve Koz, Blues & THAT NDN'S lives??(D*** ,I'm on a roll here)!
jim(Revenge is best taken COLD, boy would they shiver)!
ps- Uncle while I'm in such a passive mood any NEW SHIPMENT??:rolleyes: