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What's socially wrong with my new knife

Feb 5, 2001
I just got a new blade, and was tickled pink as soon as I put in my hand and put it thru its motions. Now, I show it off to a couple friends, and I got "THE LOOK". I know what they were thinking,,,what is "THAT",,,and why would you buy "THAT THING"!?!?! My back ground, I don't have any custom knives yet, my collection for the most part consists of Benchmades, a few Spyderco, a couple Bucks, and of course the mixture of CRKT, Schrade, Browning, Gerber, and etc., and they all serve their purpose. But, maybe my new toy that I had just aquired wasn't really politically correct in the macho world of big blades, axis locks, and serrations.
My new prize, a Spyderco D'holder Toad, plain blade, to be used as a needed, and as money clip. My question is - "Have you ever been looked at as an outcast for a knife that you where proud of, served you well, but everybody else questioned you sanity".
Same reason a lady told me I was a sicko cause I make knives. Folks are just plain dumb!

Take care!! Michael

Always think of your fellow knife makers as partners in the search for the perfect blade, not as people trying to compete with you and your work!
Buzzards gotta eat, same as worms!!!
Yah, I get the same odd looks when I whip-out my Extra-LARGE Cold Steel plain-edge Clip-Point Voyager to clean my finger-nails with. (It has a 5 inch-LONG, VERY wide blade, and a handle large-enough to get all your fingers on, and STILL have room "left-over" for great "reach".

...I just don't understand the odd-looks, 'tho...

Dann Fassnacht
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My co-workers always have a smart comment, but then want to borrow my knife, when they need to cut something.
I think the Toad is a special case. You're going to get reactions to that weird little critter that I can't imagine you'll ever encounter with any other knife.
I know the people who own the Toad love it; I just wish it was lefty friendly.
My "Toad" is one of my most beloved knives. It came and is still sharp as a razor blade. (That's no exaggeration!) I keep it clipped to various places where a super sharp little knife might be needed.

Slow1: 10-4 on that! I've gotten the reputation as the "psycho with all the knives" at work, but I'm the only one who ever seems to have one when it's needed, or I'm the one they come to when thier pathetic 2.99 POS pocket knives need sharpening. I just use that time for a little education..."You know, the steel on this is a little soft, if you bought a quality knife you wouldn't have to bother me to sharpen it FOR YOUR SORRY A**!!!" OK, maybe I'm a little psycho
cobb, there's nothing wrong with your knife (if there were, Spyderco warranty would fix it), there's something wrong with your friends (now where to send them to get fixed?).

Jason aka medusaoblongata
"To give is a need, to receive is mercy." - Thus Spoke Zarathustra
"Knowledge dispells fear"

It is funny that these are the same people that use kitchen knives, scissors, razors, and I bet most of the materials they use (e.g., clothing, pencils, etc) all encountered knives in one form or another as well. And yes, they think keys are for opening mail and boxes! But let 'em use a good knife and they change.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (I think thats how you spell it!) talked about the strange looks body builders got on the documentary, Pumping Iron (filmed during the 1975 Mr. Olympia.) He said that people going down a 1/4 mile track in a car as fast as they can is strange to him! Everyone has something that they are "in" to. Bodybuilding doesn't hurt anyone, neither does drag racing at designated strips, nor using or making knives responsibly.

"Come What May..."
Here's a new one for ya:

I bought a 2 1/2 inch blade lockback a couple months ago. I had it in a sheath on my belt, and was at the park walking around the track. I'm with this friend who's a big time sheep. It's his belief that knives are only good for fighting, and if you carry one you're afraid to use your fists. He also thinks it's stupid to pay more than ten dollars for a knife because you can't take it to school (I know... it's crazy). He spots the sheath and says, "Why do you have a knife on you? To battle tree-lizards?" My other friend and I just look at eachother really confused. Needless to say, this guy is kind of a moron.

I collect custom knives because I love the workmanship into making them and how unique they can be made(like DR'S "Illusion" release.

Steven Cobb
Cobb. Thanks for the great suggestion. My daily carry is a Benchmade Stryker. I love that knive. I carry it because the blade is a decent size and I can retrieve and open it in less than one second (no bull...coin pocket in jeans). But, unfortunately, I get the worst looks from people about the knife. Plus, my new workplace is NOT cutlery friendly.

After reading your post and checking out the Toad, I'm going to get one. It is perfect! Small and well made!

Anyways, here's a good story to cheer you up. I work as a systems admin. One day, Compaq sent us a new backup power supply. It weighed in at 150 pounds (it is basically 3 car batteries). So the delivery guy strapped that thing to a pallet and just dropped it off in my server room. My boss...Mr. anti-knife who uses a key to cut everything...apparently couldn't wait for me to get back to my office to inspect the package. According to a coworker, when I walked in to the server room, my boss had been working on trying to cut one of those heavy duty yellow nylon shipping straps for at least 15 minutes. He was angry, red in the face and sweating. Oh yeah, he only had one thing to say to me when I walked in, "Give me your damn knife!"


Some fools never learn.

Stay back! or I'll...OUCH...cut myself.
Besides having to put up with my uncle asking "So Kurt, how many knives do you have today?" every time he sees me, I've never had a major issue with my knives. Mostly I only associate with people who are more likely to be impressed by than afraid of my newest aquisition. Plus my family's pretty cool about it, especially since I sharpen all of their knives for them.
I just thought of another story. My uncle, upon holding my Cold Steel LTC kukri for the first time, shook his head in disappointment adn asked me what the heck I'd be doing with a knife like that. I was the one who was disappointed, as we were in a town (a town he had lived in all of his life) RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROCKIES!!!! Forests galore, mountains that beg to be hiked and all that and he's asking ME what a big knife is for? SHEESH!

"Come What May..."
I get "strange looks" no matter what I carry or where I am. The one I love to hear is, "You paid THAT much for a knife?"

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Paul Work:
I get "strange looks" no matter what I carry or where I am. The one I love to hear is, "You paid THAT much for a knife?"


That is why you just make it up, I don't avocate lying but that is one of the times to do it.