What's the Best Bowie for the Buck?

Oct 27, 1998
Looking for a "real bowie" looks wise, wood or bone handle. I plan on using it alot, so I don't want to invest too much.
Also, what would be a good $100-$200 survival or jungle knife? Thanks for any comments.


I would suggest the Cold Steel Trailmaster - you can choose between 4 types of steel and two types of handle material and if you are going to really abuse the knife buy a "factory second" from Cold Steel Special Projects for around $130.00.
I second Deon's. Trailmaster is the one to go for. But for another $100 more, I'll suggest the Busse Battle Mistress.

I would go with a "Mineral Mountain" bowie from Ted Frizzell (sp???)

Handmade, several sizes and variations, not much more money than a Trailmaster.

He occasionally has a few on hand. These are some seriously over built working bowies.

I agree with the other posts, the Trailmaster is also a good "hard user".
For the most bang for your buck under $50 check out the Ontario Spec line. Bowies,Bolo's,Machetes,Fighters etc all blackened 1095 steel. My Carlson Bowie is a real workhorse and I paid $36 about 3 years ago and its still performing.Made in USA also

The Sp-Plus line form Ontario is probably the low-end, but a good value.

The Tralimaster is probaly middle end, but the hype may turn you off, or you may dislike the style.

The Mineral Mountain Hatchet Works Bowie, would be a no-nonsense tool, very tough, you can get any number of styles, or a custom variation for a resonable price. And Ted is a great guy to talk too. As well, they have a winter sale coming up.

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If you want traditional styling, low cost m, decent performance, try the Western Cutlery WW 49, big, aboutr 10' blade , 440 stainless, rosewood handle, really well mafde leather sheath. Very Traditional styling. Well under $100, probally closer to $50.

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Yeah...I second the W49 suggestion. Mine is an old carbon steel model.Works well.
You will find it difficult to find working bowie any better without paying a whole lot more.

One day I will modify the double guard, though. There is just too much of it for my taste. Mine needs a new sheath, too....Kydex might be nice.

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I'll throw this out in case anyone's interested, it's a bit off topic. If you want a *fighter*, a hand-balanced masterpiece at a good price for such, Ernie Mayer at Black Cloud is the guy to see. Good full-tilt fighters from him start at $200. He does more fighters than he does workhorses, not that I'd call his stuff weak.

Jim March
I have just started using the Spec Ops Jungle Machete from United Cutlery and I am impressed with it so far.It has a tough 3/16" ATS34 stainless blade with a strong point and I think it might make a good "camp" or "survival" knife.I like the Ontario Marine Raider Bowie but it has a weak point I think.It is a good chopper though.
I would go with a Jim Hrisoulas bowie at Salamander Armoury, I just order one from him he e-mail me and said it was done but have not got it yet. It will have a 12" blade that is 1.5 wide with stag handles. cost $220+$5sh
total is$225 for a hand forged knife. Don't think you can go wrong with it at that price. When I get mine I will post pictures of it and tell everybody how I like it.
I just recieved the new Cutlery Shoppe catalog. The 10" Marbles Trailmaker would meet your requirements.