whats the best lock back knife

Dec 15, 2000
hey im what you would call a newbie knifer im 14 in cali going to montana for a week got some money whats a good lock back knife like blade sharpness handle grips ect under 50 $ thanks alot ^_^ pics or links would be nice thanks

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Well, its hard to beat the good old Buck 110 folder. Those can usually be found at wal-mart for under 40 bucks. For something much lighter, look at the Spyderco Endura. Go to www.knifecenter.com and there you will find many brands listed including spyderco and buck. You can see pics there, and if you have time before your trip you can order from them as well. Being as you state you are 14, I suspect your parents will need to order for you.

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Check out Spyderco's Wayne Goddard lightweight for about that price. I'll see if I can find a link.
As of this morning, there were a couple of Goddards available on Ebay.com. Looks like a great knife!
Outdoor Edge,
Benchmade (Ascents),
Cold Steel (Voyagers)
all make traditional lockbacks in your price range.

For info & pics, Click on 'STORE' at the top of this page, or visit any of the other dealers listed in the links section.
Cold Steel Medium (or large) Clip-Point plain-edge Voyager.

...You need not look any further.

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