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whats the best lock back knife

Dec 15, 2000
hey im what you would call a newbie knifer im 14 in cali going to montana for a week got some money whats a good lock back knife like blade sharpness handle grips ect under 50 $ thanks alot ^_^ pics or links would be nice thanks

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Take a look at Columbia River Knife & Tool's stuff...

There's probably no such thing as "the best", but CRK&T offers great value.
You're 14, so you have lotsa time to find the best... just do what we do... keep buying knives... do that for 2-50 years until you discover what you like best.
Then think up a way to improve it, and submit the design to the maker of your choice.

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BUCK 110 SAYS IT ALL. You can get one for about $30.00, or you can upgrade to one from Pete's Custom Shop online at BUCK.

Spyderco Native, good size, steel, design and price. A hard to beat value.

James Segura
San Francisco, CA

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I agree with stjames. Native. (Or an endura, delica, or any Spyderco)

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Buck 110 is an excellent start. Well made,excellent price, looks like a knife should and many years (and knives) later you can sit in front of a fire and look at the now old Buck and say, " I remember I was 14 when I first got this knife." this is the biggest part of knife collecting. Good Luck Son Weldonk

Most any of their lightweight models would fit your requirements. I would suggest the Native or Calypso Jr.
personally, i like the native. it is a good price and place to start. good grip on it, and nice blade.

also, since i am too lazy to read all the previous messages again to see if there is a price limit: the Benchmade Ascent is a good lockback. the blade is a lil bit longer than the native, and very sharp.

both have sturdy locking, and good grips. i might try them both out in person to see which one fits your hand better, and which one ya like in your pocket...lol

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A Buck 110 is a big fat heavy knife that you have to carry in a belt pouch unless you don't mind carrying a big fat heavy knife in your pocket. I suspect some of the old fogeys here are remembering how cool they thought a Buck 110 was when they were 14 -- but that was in the olden days when Spydercos and CRKTs had not yet evolved and dinosaurs roamed the earth. Look at one in a store -- don't just look at it, pick it up and feel how heavy it is. If you like it buy it. Otherwise ... more modern knives are much thinner and lighter and they have pocket clips....

-Cougar Allen :{)
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Because you are new to the knife world, a good beggining knife is the Smith and Wesson SWAT. I owned a large model and carried it every day for years and I never had a single problem. They usually run for about $46, but you could get one online for maybe half that. If you're 14, then the large model would probably be uncomfortable in your hands, but the medium would siut you fine and is cheaper.

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S&W S.H.I.T., er, S.W.A.T. knives are not lockbacks.

Look at this thread if you want the general opinion of the forum of S&W, I think you will see the name mentioned many times at the bottom of each persons post.
The Buck 110 is a great choice if you like the hefty feel. If you want a lighter knife that you can carry comfortably in your pocket, the Spyderco Native would be the way to go.

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I don't know if you can get it for under $50.00, but I sure like my Spyderco Police. It is less expensive with the stainless handle and GIN-1 blade.
I like the Buck 110 that I found in the woods of Arkansas. I'd also recommend the BuckLite or the Gerber Gator, especially if you'd like a more modern look or weight is a concern.
Also check out A.G. Russell's Featherlite if you'd like something not so common and the lock type doesn't have to be an actual "lockback."

Best Wishes and let us know what you decide!
Bob W
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I am also a big fan of the Spyderco Native. It's 2.5" blade is within the legal range almost anywhere. The blade shape is flexible with both an effective point and edge. And it feels like a much larger blade in the hand. The grip design provides a good gripping notch for the forefinger, which makes hard thrusts safer.

If you go for the native I would recommend the Zytel frame over the stainless steel frame. Not only is it less expensive, but they use a better steel for the blade.

--Bob Q

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A BUCK 110, fat and heavy? I don't think so but, I should note that I carry a Leatherman Supertool inside the front pocket of my jeans (that way I always have it when I need it!). For a classic choice, it is hard to go wrong with a BUCK 110 which can be purchased at Wal-Mart for $30 plus tax.

My next pick for someone at your age and experience level would be one of the Gerbers in ATS-34. Depending on your hand size, a Gator, Gator-mate or, EZ-out. Better blade material then a standard Buck and a good knife to hang on to. These knives should all provide years of good service and a lifetime of fond memories. The Gerber's may be a little harder to find at your $50 pricepoint but, are well the effort to find one.

You may want to consider a small fixed blade as well. There are a lot of good general use knives in the 4 inch range that may fill your needs well.

Stay Sharp,

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