What's the deal with the COLORED handled mini socoms!!

Oct 3, 1998
Microtech says that they shipped most of their colored handled mini socoms a week before Christmas! Six colors; 150 pieces each color!Yet, nobody has advertised the sale of these knives! Does anayone know whether these are available for retail sale yet!!!! Thanks, JEFFREY
They are also discontinued so they may be hard to find.

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www.fightingknives.com has three on the auction block right now. There are green,clear, and purple ones. The bid was around $120.00.
Mike Copeland
Brian at <A HREF=http://www.discountknives.com>Discount Knives</A> recently advertised on rec.knives that he has some color MiniSOCOMs in stock.

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I have them, Black, Blue, Dark Grey, Forest Green, Deep Purple, Rich Red (shown), Silver.



AARRGGHH Splash! Where's the Splash?

Oh, okay, I've just kinda had my heart set on a Splash-handled, plain-edged, black-bladed Mini-SOCOM, ever since the rumor/news of colored Mini-SOCOMs surfaced a while back. I'm sure I heard "splash" mentioned in the story at that point, and I've been much intrigued by the various pics of splash L-UDTs that were on the 'net last spring, when everyone and their brother was selling color-handled L-UDTs for a few weeks.

Jeffrey says six colors were released, Discount Knives lists seven, but Dark Grey means perhaps the standard color? (Spearpoint's news page says eight colors, but maybe the plan changed.) Does anyone know whether the splash rumor was just a rumor, or a plan that perhaps got changed in the light of MicroTech's new plans for the knife (see thread "Microtech Baby (Mini) Socom Discontinued!"). Or perhaps the splash models are still on their way? (hope hope) (If I recall correctly, the Splash L-UDTs made their appearance towards the end of the last run of L-UDTs last year...)

[ I'm particularly interested in a blue or teal (or green or purple) handle, with speckles something like blue/green/purple/black. I've also seen "light blue with black and white speckles" on an L-UDT that looked mighty nice. ]

Discount Knives - any chance we could get a good color picture of the blue, green, and purple knives to go along with the red one? Be nice to have a good idea of exactly what *is* available...

And, won't somebody please tell me that there really is a Santa Claus, and there really will be splash-handled Mini-SOCOMS?

-- Carl
Does anybody know where else I can find pics of the colored socoms? Are they all black nitrite coated and serrated? Thanks

Hi Jon,

There are some pics of colored mini socoms
at www.kasallmicrotech.com as well as some
splash L-UDT's. Nice site coming together.