What's the latest prognosis for the forum?

Oct 12, 1999
Does anyone have any idea as to the present status of the forum? Will the old forum ever be active again? Will it at least be available as "read-only," archived info? And when can we expect to know something? It seems to me that something should have been resolved by now, at least to the point of knowing what the "fix" is going to entail.
I think repairing old forums that died is not a top priority item which I can certainly understand. But, Spark is pretty good at what he does and I have a lot of confidence that at least the old forum will not be lost.

The upside is this one is working just fine. The downside is a lot of folks from the old forum are having a hard time finding it.

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Perhaps Spark could put an automatic forward to this acting forum?
That is if it wouldn't be too much trouble?
It would solve the problem of the ones who can't find this forum at the present and if the old one is archieved wouldn't it need to be done anyway?


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