What's the perfect Balisong


Dec 16, 1998
What would make a perfect Balisong? Pivot design/materials, weight, blade length, handle length/materials, lock/latch??
Well, for me (I like light and durable balis) the perfect balisong is BM42. Not too expensive, light, strong, very durable, adjustable pivots, what else can you ask ?

But if I am to imrpove it, I would have the blade and the handles Titanium carbon nitride coated.

Asking that question is like asking for the perfect kind of music. It's comes down to a matter of opinion. With that in mind....

A completely solid SS handle design. No holes. Super-heavy. 5" closed with no hilt, a latch gate, fat Ti pins and a big kick. And a removable latch too. The best materials money can buy of course :cool:. I can never make up my mind on blade styles, so I'd have to have two of each of the following: Utility, weehawk, tanto and kriss. THAT is my perfect balisong.
I would have to say Chefget's Dobruski would be damn near close to the perfect bali......that thing is just plain SWEET
let's see... beefy steel handles, high carbon blade steel, super-thick steel or titanium pivot screws (screws, not pins, so that they're adjustable), removable latch, and several blades that could be interchanged by disassembling the knife. bowie & weekawk are my favorite blade shapes for everyday use. (in reality, i'd say bowie as my favorite blade shape.) there must be either a kick or a second stop pin to keep the blade edge from contacting the inside of the handles, and the little knubs that form a hilt (i forget what they're called) should be similar to those on the BM42.

edit: oops! there must also be a latch gate!

does this mean there's going to be another bali hitting the market??? i hope so. ;)
Here we go guys! Ti handles with damascus inserts, adjustable ball bearing pivot points, Beta Titanium blade with a Drop Point Tanto profile, satin finish with polished grindlines. Optional Manila-Batangas latch feature with gate.

I'll try to draw a picture of what I have in mind so I can post it.

"How many times do I have to tell you son, A KNIFE IS NOT A TOY!" :) - Dad
Benchmade 42. All the best qualities in a light-weight package.

-4.5"blade, mirror polish

-blade w/ slight recurve, sort of a toned down 'emerson commander' style, cpm440v

-just enough handle to cover blade

-latchless, but with embedded rare earth magnets to close

-titanium handles with minimal rubber inserts a'la microtech, anodized blue for me


-4"blade, tanto

-made by warren thomas/ layered carbon fiber with titanium-tungsten edge


-lightning holes in handles


i have to go lay down now.

Oh my so much to say:
Well to start it would need to have a 7" recurve bowie blade with 8.25" handles. I dont know exactaly how this would look but also to have Ti handles with anodized Ti inserts. Now this my personal opinion since i love BIG KNIVES, but this probably wouldnt be the most legal. Oh yah and the same thickness as the 42. It would just look like the 43 all stretched out.
I'm going to have to say Dawkind's Kris Balisong hand ground by Jody Samson.

Dawkind if you read this would you please post a picture.:D

my beat to hell, dulled blade jag equipped with ripped off plastic scales and loose pins. this this is a jem.
doh, i need a Bm42
latchless bm42. thats all i have to say. and if anyone knows where i can get one of these or how much it would cost... i would really apreciate it if you could tell me. thanks
I'd have to second Chefget's new Dobruski.

As long as I'm in fantasy land, how about some kind of bearing system for the pivots? And I may be wrong, but I've read that Mike Turber had some ideas as to how to eliminate the need for tang pins on the Tachyon. Maybe they didn't work or were just too expensive to implement.
darn.. I love that chink smiley :)

...and I quote...

"This is totally off topic, but I have found that thinking about having something can be almost as good as actually having it. Not only do dreams rarely cometrue, but they rarely measure up to expectations even when they do. Fantasies, on the other hand, are always perfect, and never promise more than they deliver.
-Mr. Santucci "

translation: a perfect bali is one you can NEVER have (trust me on this).. my perfect bali would be the one buried in confucious' grave.

Neitszche rambler out :p
Well spoken Sniperboy! Such a depressing theory however. :(

"how many times to I have to tell you son, A KNIFE IS NOT A TOY!" :) -Dad
Originally posted by ChungSan
I'm going to have to say Dawkind's Kris Balisong hand ground by Jody Samson.

Dawkind if you read this would you please post a picture.:D

<IMG SRC="http://albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=667533&a=8812015&p=28655348"> <IMG SRC="http://albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=667533&a=8812015&p=28655352">
I'd have to say a 4.25" weehawk tanto blade, satin finish. Handles would have twin black inserts (not sure what kind of material) and the handles would be titanium with a removable latch w/latch gate, and adjustable pivot pins. This would make it a pretty even weight. yeah, that baby would be sweeeeeeeeet.

and I'd also like a legal-sized bali too, which would also feature a 2.5" weehawk tanto blade (with a long ricasso to accomodate longer handles to make it easier to flip), SS skeletonized handles (which would be about 3.5" long), a removable latch w/latch gate, and adjustable pivot pins.
What's the difference between a dream balisong and a perfect balisong? Possibility to exist, or availability for you to purchase? For me perfect applies to quality only. A perfect balisong never stops me buying another perfect one. Well, budget or my lifetime may do so, but no balisong will do!

How can I want a beefy, slim, sounds-good, silent, simple, gimmickful balisong... As Chiun said to Remo Williams in "Remo, unarmed and dangerous", "Perfection is road, not the destination"!