What's the smallest blade to pass ABS test?

May 13, 1999
The ABS test consists of cutting a free hanging 1" rope-then chopping a two by four-then arm shaving and bending in a vice. What is the smallest blade that would be able to meet the test? Any folders that might suvive?
Any comercial knives that might make the cut?
I think there are several comercial knives, when resharpened, that would make the cut tests both rope and 2X4. the bend test is another thing entirely and a high point of the hand forged and selectively heat treated ABS blade. As to length, I've seen people at the Washington forge manage the rope cut with as little as a 3 1/2 inch blade.

regards, mitch
They have a maximum blade length of 10" but I have never seen anything written about a minimum. I have tried cutting the 2x4 with short blades but my arm wears out befor it cuts all the way thru. The 10" blade is a workout for me. The free hanging rope is easy although Ive never tried it with a small knife. A folding knife with a 10" blade is a big folder. The trick to passing the bending test is to have a hard edge, springy middle and a soft back. Most factory knives are not heat-treated like this.

ABS Journeyman Smith, Bruce D Bump