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What's up with Cold Steel?

Dec 24, 2000
Hey all-

I was checking out Cold Steel's web site, and I noticed that under the description of the El Hombre/El Lobos that they have blades which "...are fashioned out of AUS-8 (which ouperforms ATS-34).."

What?! How exactly would that be?

And then I saw their Recon folders, that they "pulled out all of the stops" to make, again citing the AUS-8 steel and Zytel handles. Not to mention their new locking mechanism, which looks quite similar to the Axis lock.

I wouldn't mind owning some of their nicer fixed blades, but what the heck are they talking about in regards to blade steels? Who exactly are they trying to sell knives to?

Is it just me, or does it seem that Cold Steel operates on a different frequency, so to speak?

Yes, Cold Steel does operate on a frequency their customers aren't tuned to. Just look at the new stainless they are using in their new knives- 420! Sheesh!

Anyways, I believe that AUS-8 is a tougher steel than ATS-34 (correct me if I am wrong) and toughness is a primary concern for Lynn T. He said he started Cold Steel after breaking the blades off of some knives he had while training. So, toughness is #1 for him so I think he chose AUS-8 based on that and probably as imporant, manufacturing concerns!

"Come What May..."
I have a couple of Voyagers, and find AUS8 to be an excellent steel. Takes and holds a good edge (albeit maybe not as good at holding an edge as some stainless steels), and is quite easy to sharpen. No problems with corrosion or toughness. They open easy, lock solid... AUS8 is maybe not as sexy as ATS34 but I don't think anything I've cut would have noticed any difference. I also have an original CS tanto and a California drop-point in "Series 400" mystery steel which is also tough, holds a good edge. The heat treat may be a significant factor; IMHO it is just as important as the composition of the steel.
I might be stupid when it comes to what steel is THE best, but I have NO complaints with the AUS-8A steel that Cold Steel uses for the many Cold Steel knives that I own.

NO rust problems, VERY sharp, easy to re-sharpen, holds a razor-sharp edge well, and seems to be very tough.
What more do we need with "knife steel"?

Dann Fassnacht
Aberdeen, WA
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I agree with King Grinch. I talked to the CS customer service to see what was up with the 420. They told me www.coldsteel.com was not owned by CS, but by a distributer. Supposedly the distributer jumped the gun and had announced the blade steel without having any real confirmation. Let's wait and see.
From my experience AUS8 & ATS-34 hold an edge about the same, a slight advantage to ATS-34. They also take an edge fairly easy, with a slight advantage going to AUS8. For right now AUS8 is my favorite steel, it's idea for the field I work in(law enforcment). About a year ago I purchased a X-large Gunsite Voyager. The action was so stiff I returned it to the seller. Some friends of mine suggested I give CS another chance(that was my first CS). Not long ago I purchased a new plain edge large clippoint Voyager, this is now my favorite tactical folder. It does everything I ask of it, with ease.
> distrubutor owning www.coldsteel.com

Hmm, I think it would be foolish to let
someone else use you name in cyberspace.

> 420

At least some of their models, San Mai, for example, is a 420 - AUS8 combination. The cold steel rep confirmed it before the forum got axed.

True, we don't know about the 420 yet. But look at the prices charged and I'm willing to bet it ain't 420V. Look at how they downgraded the other new knives they have. Would you buy a fighting knife copied off of the Randall #1 tha has a double guard made of rubber? It doesn't seem to add up.

"Come What May..."

It SURE looks like www.coldsteel.com is their website.

Who is the receptionist trying to BS, anyway???

Things like this reinforce my permanent decision NOT to ever purchase any Cold Steel Products. Mr. Thompson needs to can the BS, and "tune in" to the knife world's frequency.

Of course....thats just my opinion........

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I hope they don't try using some cheap a$$ steel. I've always liked CS, but not even their marketing hype could sell that crap! A god damn rubber sub hilt with cheap a$$ steel? C,mon!

I've always thought CS made a good product. I hope they don't prove me wrong.

However, I won't pass judgement until I get confirmation.

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