What's up with the Scimitar?


Nov 4, 1998
What is it about Cold Steel designs? When I first see a new model, I just grin and shake my head. Within a few months, I have to have one! That's how I ended up with my Vaquero Grande, Special Forces Shovel, and on and on...

I found one mostly very positive discussion of the Scimitar several months back in this forum, but nothing recently. There was a very favorable article by Chuck Karwan in the latest Tactical Knives. Who is carrying one? What do you think of it?
Jul 9, 1999
I liked mine until it developed vertical play in the open position. Now, it sits in the drawer with the other dead weight. Mainly because I don't feel like running the gauntlet of Cold Steel's legendary bad customer service. Make sure you check out your purchase carefully before you leave the store. CS makes some fine working fixed knives, but I'm not overly impressed nowadays with their folders.
Good Luck!

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