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What's wrong with the CQC-7B ??


Oct 12, 1998
I'd like to hear from people who are not necessarily Emerson groupies just what they think of this knife.
What's wrong with the CQC7-B:

Three things, it has a geometric edge shape, it is a liner-lock, and the handle is not as ergonomic as either the Raven or the Spec War.

I like the blade on the CQC7-A. I had a Raven E1-A, and it was a good blade. Geometric edges are just not as versatile and efficient as curved edges in my opinion.

Liner locks are just not the most reliable locks. They are good when they work, but too many of them don't. Some of the most consistently reliable liner locks I have owned have been on the Benchmade CQC7s though. I don't know if that is a function of the design or not.

The CQC7 purports to be the strongest, baddest little folder on the block, and I just don't think it gets the job done. The REKAT Pioneer is the strongest, baddest little production folder on the block, and I think second place might go to the updated Stryker. I won't talk about the Sebenza.

I can't rag too hard on the CQC7-B though. I happen to be packing a Benchmade 970 in my back pocket today. It has one of the most solid liner-locks I've ever owned, and I hand satin finished the blade myself. The attitude factor is very high. After all, versatility isn't everything. I've got a custom David Boye folder in my front pocket for that.

Roger that on the pioneer. One tough little knife, and solid. The new slide lock release makes it even badder.

About the CQC7B. I have to agree with the criticism of the geometric edge. Not a great utility tool, especially with the chisel grind. Too fragile for really tough cutting or slicing chores on tough materials. Sharp though and great for cutting flesh, if that's what you need it for. A regular double bevel grind would be better for all around use.

Emerson did a good job on this knife though. I like it better than BM's version. Rounded edges and the convertible clip are good features. Same blade.

As for the liner lock, well I don't have the problem with it that Mr. HArvey does. My experience with liner locks is that when they are properly made and fitted, they are better than lockbacks. Especially under normal use that would be expected with the average user. I have seen many more lock backs fail than liners. Also, the one handed closing feature is a large plus in my book.

You could do a lot worse than this knife, but I would probably opt for the "A" model for the same reasons that Mr. Harvey does and definitely consider the REKAT pioneer. At about the same price you have the strongest lock and your choice four good blade profiles. My personal favorite is the swept point.

Thanks for listening!