What's your favorite kami.

Apr 26, 2001
I think this title speaks for itself.

Personally, of the two HI khukuris I have in my possession at this time, I would say that I like Sanu and "The Kami with no Name" fairly equally, but for different reasons. Both knives/shortswords came out pretty outstanding. The kami with no name seems to be breaking some new ground by making khukuris that are lighter than most, making that 25" Sirupati pretty quick to weild. And sanu seems to get just about everything right when he makes something.

However, I think I'd like to pick up a Kesar khukuri. After seeing some of his stuff featured in UBDOTDs, I've come to the conclussion that he has perfected the aesthetics on the 18" Gelbu Special, and the 20" Kobra. Both of which are on my immediate must buy list.

Who are your favorite kamis, and why do you like them so much?

Oh, this is neat, I think we can do actual polls on this board, if somebody would be kind enough to send me a list of all the current kamis, I could try and figure out that feature. It would have buttons and everything, and I promise no butterfly ballots. :D

I've got to stick with Bura. He is obstinate and tempermental, sometimes gets angry and lets a knife go thru that he knows he should have stopped but when he's right there is nobody in Nepal who can make a better knife.
I like 'em all.

Each brings their own special qualities to the blade.

(Otherwise, we'd just as well stop with just one...yeah right. ;))


Bura - has made some outstanding khukuris which are mine - some that are classics

Sanu - has that extra something that makes the khukuri flow...

Kumar - showed great promise...wonder if we'll ever see him again

Sher - whose khukuris gave new meaning to the expression "beefy"

Kesar - steady and sure...

Murali - tragically cut down by TB

Durba - this fellow is a master kami. Great work!

Jag & Son - shows promise of good things to come...

Kami with no name - the dark horse of the bunch

Like Blues said...like them all...

Bura - Has the years and experience and as Bro says, "When he's right there isn't a better kami.

Sanu - In a close 2nd to Bura.
And made the 1st YCS as close to perfection of any khukuri that has came out of Nepal.

Jag & Son - shows promise of good things to come...Have to agree with Harry here and add that the Dui CHiara Chainpuri is right next to the 1st YCS. The only thing lacking was the magic stone finish that they aren't used too yet and so are not to blame, besides I can put the finish on if I want too.:D

Durba - My little 12"Ak is a very nice khukuri and I have to rate Durba along with Jag & Son since it's the only one I have by him as well.

Kumar - showed great promise...wonder if we'll ever see him again. Again I have to agree with Harry.
And add....That Kumar was a great innovator and brought us several models that we might not of had otherwise.
And also say that out of the 2 as forged blades I got, 1 by Sanu and the other by Kumar, that Kumar's was the closet to finished blade I have ever seen.

Kami with no name - Up & coming.

Sher, Kesar & Murali- I can't really say since I don't think I have any by them.
Excellent evaluations. I know this much -- if I were on sight it would break my heart to have to lay off any kami at BirGorkha. Each one in his own way is very special.
None of these guys was near where they are today a year or two back.


Then let's see what they produce.

Sanu's have an immediate spirit. The forward curving models with engraving forged in are in their own class. Beg him to forge in engraving patterns on the whole line of stuff.

I sent back a Bura GRS and a Bura Banspati. There wasn't the almost electric shock I got when I picked up a Sanu the first time. Then came the Bura WWII. I'm gonna go fondle it....
I've got one Banspati in stock that's got lots of spirit. Want to take a look and feel, Rusty?
Metal handles don't work for me.
I think spirit is pounded into forged steel, is transmuted into something the living can feel through the once alive handle material ( wood or horn ), and then "becomes" when the right person picks it up.
Yeah, yeah, and I don't believe in UFO's either. One of them refused to go away for the longest time though.
Rusty with an e-mail handle like your's you probably had them wondering Bro.:p:D

And were you possibly by any chance in that book that Blues posted in the thread that wouldn't die?:D

And a Banspati with one of those fancy carved wooden handles done up with silver furniture would be right up my alley if I were in the market for say an 18" one.
Then I bet you could feel the spirit and the next nicest thing is that it wouldn't leave your hands with that nasty brass smell, the only thing I have against such a beautiful khukuri!!!!:D
I had written over a page when I got disconnected. And since I don't remember and would rather not retype everything I mentioned, I gues I'll go for the abridged version.

I've had stuff by Durba, Bura,Kumar..sooo...

Bura- Definitely a master. Both the technical and the spiritual dwell in his pieces for me.

Kumar- Not as good as some in the details, but his blades were always superbly done insofar as the non nitty-gritty stuff. Not only this but they were some of the only genuinely light pieces...plus they had flair. His stuff has an aggresive feel to it, btw.

Durba- A true master with traditional styles, where he makes both beauty and functionality occupy the #1 spot. However, fom what I have seen, I feel that he is not as good with more radical, non-nepali styles. Let me reiterate though, Durba's blades are often superb and sometimes unreal...his early stuff (which was ALL unreal) could be stuck on an American ABS smith's page....but than again, so could some of Bura's best. It's really a toss up between the two

I should probably add that I have a piece made by a wayward kami in the VERY early days of H.I. that has the unique distinction of being the strongest blade I've ever tested.

How strong? It cleaved close to an inch into a highly edged antique darb (not intentionally) and than was engaged in heavy "movie style" swordplay with said darb (also not intentionally,some people got ahold of the swords...) and emerged without a single iota of edge damage or a single scratch.

As mentioned 100x before, my favorite khuk was made by Murali--fit, finish, and BALANCE=perfect! :D :D :D
It all depends on the khukuri. With AKs nobody beats Sher. I love my baby GRS by Bura and one day I will pick up one of his WWIIs. I find Sanu's execution of the 20" Sirupati and GS to be the most beautiful in the HI team. Kumar made the best Mallas and Kobras. Not quite sure about the others, but like the other forumites said, they all have their place.
After receiving my katana today, I'll say that Sanu definitely will be one of my favorite, if not my favorite kamis- even if his sign isn't my fav symbol. ;)

I have a HI WW II 16.5 that I cannot find a kami mark on, but I love it. I have handled several other HI kuks, but so far, this is my favorite.
Something that's been bugging me ever since I created this topic, I wish I made it "Who's your favorite kami." You know, you kinda ponder two titles for half a second, and you type a conglomeration of both without realizing. Anybody know if we can rename topics?