What's Your Favorite SOG Bowie Style Knife? Question About these Knives Please.

Oct 26, 2001
Hey all,

For the longest time I have admired the SOG Bowies. i'm mainly talking about these:

1. Super Bowie
2. TECH Bowie
3. Trident 2.0
5. Bowie 2.0

I think these Bowies are just beautiful. I have wanted one for the longest time, just never got around to buying one for myself. I guess I never really could justify spending the money on something I would just put in a drawer and not use. Nothing wrong with that, but I would spend the knife money on a firearm or fishing gear, binos, stuff like that.

I'd like to hear what you all think of them. Do you use them out in the field or are you more of a collector? How about some pics of your SOG Bowies? I'd like to see some pics of these in some great leather sheaths, maybe on your belt opposite a beautiful Ruger Blackhawk or S&W 629 all set for a day of chasing hogs or any other legal game.

Have a good weekend.
Super Bowie, just wish they were still made in Japan and out of SK-5 (I think) as opposed to the AUS-8 being used in the Taiwanese version. The Taiwan version seems fairly overpriced considering what it's made out of imo.

I still don't own a SOG knife. But if I did, the SB would be the one...or perhaps the SOG Pentagon as a runner-up. (yes, I know it's a tactical dagger)
I have a couple tech bowies that I use. I also use my seal team. Personally I love them all.....but.....pick one......tech bowie.
whenever the handles are stacked leather and the carbon blade blued.
though i have yet to see a high chromed and brass presentation model to date.
It's rather too bad the present sog knives Bowie line hasn't been given a new lease of life as others appear to have taken the lead with a bold initiative...
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The SOG Recon Bowie is the best feeling knife I have ever held.

Yet this Super Bowie with my handle mods feels great and is great in the field.


here is a photo of the stock SOG Super Bowie for reference
I have a SOG Tech 2 (Seki) that has the best feeling handle of all my knives, and it's balance feels awesome. Unfortunately, it's a rare knife, so i have never actually used it.
The SOG S-1. End of story.

Ok, the first gen Trident is pretty cool too...

Oh, and the first gen Tomcat.
I could not find a picture of the stick tang SOG is using on it's Bowie knives anywhere. For all of you that wonder how it looks to, here is a Creed deconstructed.

The end cap screw is inset and glued in and I could not get it out. The diameter of the thread was just to large to get the hand guard off. Hence that part is still on the tang.
Looks like a very solid build. Nice work SOG.
The Tech Bowie is probably the most useful out of the box. It's beautiful and it's useful. The rubber grips make it very handy and the balance is superb! The Super Bowie also is astoundingly beautiful, but it's grip is a bit large for most. Still, it's great to have in one's collection.

So what of the Agency? Gorgeous finish, but functionally limited. For a combat knife one could do a lot worse. Or better. Sleek and handy, it is a great stealth knife. The thing about these SOG knives is that they're designed to be fully functional, but they're not priced to be functional.

You open your SOG knife and immediately notice the beauty of the blade's finish and the fit of the components. And now, what to do? Put it in your knapsack? No way! There's no way your SOG is going out on your overnight bag! Are you going to take your Super Bowie out and split wood with it? Hell no! Is it not able to baton in the wilderness? No, it can baton with the best of them!

So what's the problem?

Look at it! The blade is beautiful. And it's expensive. But even if you're rich, it's so beautiful that marring it is a crime against humanity. If you need a blade you can cut and baton with, get an Ontario Raider Bowie for fifty bucks (it's the best fifty bucks you'll ever spend!) But not the SOG Super Bowie. If you're SUPER wealthy, you can buy two SUPER BOWIES and use one and keep the other in your safe. And using it in the woods is likely to be far more satisfying than using your Ontario Raider. There's something about worn bluing that adds character to a gun or knife (or axe). But one has to take that first step in using it, and that's gonna be tough.

I love these knives, but they're overpriced. You can get anything from SOG but a bargain! But people keep laying out the cash, so they're always going to be good sellers.

Had some issues uploading the pictures but anyways as you can see I am a big fan of the SOG Bowie and all of it's configurations and knockoffs! I own or have owned many of these and just love them. If I had to rank them I would say the SOG Tech I is my favorite because of the oversized and grippy handle. My second choice is the SOG Trident S2 because of it's pure beauty and comfortable handle.
Old thread revival, but I think the Bowie 2.0 is the most beautiful fixed blade knife ever made.
Update on my SOG Collection:
Two Tech I's with different sheaths
Three Trident S2's with all different sheaths
Two Tech Satin's
Two Trident 2.0
One Bowie 2.0
Sold everything else. Thought about getting a S1 but not too crazy about coated blades. May even sell the Bowie 2.0 at some point. IMG_0848.JPG
IMG_0819.JPG IMG_0825.JPG
Nice collection now all you need is an old seki S1 with a beautiful blued steel blade. ;)
I'm new here (sort of as I forgot what my email was years ago on this forum) but I can say the SOG Creed is it. I have a few other SOGs, Government and Northwest Ranger, but this Creed I got for, hold on to your hat, $25, tax included, at a gun show.

Dang is that a good knife! Yes I know they cost more (why do you think I bought it??) but regardless it's an excellent knife! And I'm going to use it!