What's your favorite war movie, and why?

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Jan 13, 1999
I just came from "Three Kings." This is the sort of war movie I've always wanted to see made. You won't be disappointed.

So what your favorite?
I'll probably get flamed for this, but it's probably "Saving Private Ryan."

From a knife angle though I can't figure out the scene where the German kills the American by slowly pushing a knife into his chest. Could that really happen as depicted?

If you want to know why I "liked" this movie, e-mail me off forum (unless Spark lets this continue.)

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I like a lot of war movies, "The Big Red One", "Bridge over the River Kwai", Even the "Dirty Dozen" (the original with telly sevalas and charles bronson) not the remake.
As long as they aren't blattently bad or wrong, can't handle the unlimited fire weapons (no reloading required, who knew)

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When I was still in the service, we had a standing requirement (joke) that all paratroopers had to watch A Bridge Too Far and The Longest Day. Good movies both. You just got a big HOOOAH feeling after watching them.

All great movies......
And "Platoon" and "Cross of Iron".
"Das Boot" was good, too.

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All of the above, plus "Eye of the Needle".
I've got to add that the WORST war movie was the "Green Berets" with John Wayne, Richard Jensen, that little boy and his puppy.

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Braveheart. Despite the historical inaccuracies, I liked it enough to go to the movies twice to watch it.

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This one is easy!

"Where Eagles Dare" with Clint Eastwood and Richard Burton.

I just love the plot!!!

Where Eagles Dare.

Its a real though plot to pull off well and it works. Excellent writing. Very good action. Unbeatable cast.
My favorites:

The Big Red One
The Guns of Navarrone
Force Ten From Navarrone
Kelly's Heroes or was it Kelly's Gold?
Memphis Belle
Where Eagles Dare
and plenty of others that elude my ever aging memory.

Can't wait to see The Three Kings.

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I have to agree with Bill.Eye of the Needle is very good.I do`nt think very many people know about it.One of my favorites is Kelly`s Heroes.I also like A Bridge Too Far.

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Uncle Bill-
I thought Private Ryan kicked a$$, too, so you are not alone.
As far as others go, Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, and It's been a long time since I've seen it but I think I remember Apocalypse Now as being pretty good.
I'm not really into modern military stuff so I don't know a lot about historical accuracy... I'm just basing opinions on cinematic value.

My interests are more along the lines of Braveheart and even older things. If I had to pick favorite wars they would concern Greeks, Romans, Celts and the barbarians. Too bad we don't have many war movies centered around this era.
I guess as close as I could come to something like that stuff would be the Conan movies, Robin Hood (Costner), The Ten Commandments or even (heaven forbid) Beastmaster.... ;-)
I also like post apocalyptic war type stuff such as Mad Max and Waterworld....

BUT- best war movie ever.......


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