What's your Top 5?

Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by BlakeHirschmugl, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. BlakeHirschmugl

    BlakeHirschmugl One More Knife

    Aug 15, 2017
    Give me your Top 5 knives. They could be folders, fixed blades, tactical, etc. Doesn't matter what style, but your collection wouldn't be the same without them.
    Mine would be:
    -CRKT M21-14SF
    -CRKT/Ruger 2 Stage (full size)
    -Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Fixed Blade
    -SAK Camper
    -Ka-Bar USMC (don't have this one yet, but I've always wanted one.)
  2. Hickory n steel

    Hickory n steel Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 11, 2016
    Buck 110
    Imperial peanut
    Imperial H6
    Victorinox pocket pal
    Victorinox tinker

    Btw this has been done many times over and a new one probably comes up once a month, so don't be discouraged if not many people reply.
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  3. ATJ999

    ATJ999 Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 12, 2013
    Ferrum Forge Fortis
    22 inch blade 3V slimline machete/brush sword from Robert P Martin
    Carothers light chopper
    Jeremy Robertson PD#1 large El Patron
    Can't decide between my new Survive! 20CV 5.1 or the Ferrum Forge Archbishop
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  4. marcus52AR

    marcus52AR Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 22, 2014
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  5. BlakeHirschmugl

    BlakeHirschmugl One More Knife

    Aug 15, 2017
    I figured as much, but people's Top 5 is always changing. New is always good.
  6. 91bravo

    91bravo Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 29, 2008
    SYKCO 1311
    Becker bk9
    Survive 4.7 3v
    Spyderco Military
    Swiss Army Farmer
  7. Basp2005


    Dec 6, 2015
    ESEE Izula ss
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  8. Jisatsu


    Feb 17, 2011
    Current top 5?

    Lion Steel SR2A
    Sypderco Dragonfly 2 salt serrated
    ESEE Candiru
    SOG Flash 2
    Benchmade 551 griptilian

    In that order. =)
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  9. Grateful

    Grateful Basic Member Basic Member

    Oct 5, 2002
    Spyderco Para 2
    Benchmade Griptillian
    Victorinox Fieldmaster
    Case xx 3254
    Case xx 3318
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  10. Wowbagger


    Sep 20, 2015
    1 . What I call "My Little Monster" >>>LINK the handle sucks and the ferrule is constantly loose until the wood gets wet but . . . CUT ? ? ? It cuts like nothing else. Once you try it you will put it down in fear and go sit on the couch for a while and rethink this whole knife thing like : "maybe this is more dangerous than I thought" . :eek::( ;):)

    OK, ok I'll come up with four more . . . if I have to . . . I guess.

    2 . SAK Bantam or Secretary or Gerber Patriot (all about the same) super pocket friendly super capable.

    3 . Here's the real weirdy and only any good if it gets the "'bagger mod systems approach". = Cold Steel Ti Lite IV CTS-XHP steel with totally reground blade to 1.9mm full flat. Now THAT is a knife. Pouch carry only; toss the pocket clip.

    OK that's three. Hmmmmmmm
    . . . .
    . . . .
    4 . Really the Spyderco Para 2 is pretty useful and fun to use. Only in M4 though.
    one more . . . I can do it . . . I can dooooooo it . . .

    Oh yah ! How could I forget ! ? ! ?
    5 . Case full size trapper (Case xx 3254 YAH ! Like Grateful said !) hast to be in White Sparxx handle with CV blade which they don't make or in the Genuine Stag with the CV blade which they don't make.
    I have several in SS blade that sort of makes up for it. Brilliant knife in use. Clip point blade and the handle is to die for shape wise. Prefer the fatter Stag but would rather look at the White Sparxx.

    Gosh . . . that was hard. There are some others that are right up there Ritter Grip, Gayle Bradley One ooooooooh M4 steeeeeel YES !
    yah that was hard.
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  11. Todd21969


    Apr 23, 2013
    Spyderco Millitary

    Emerson Mini CQC 15

    Spyderco Para 2

    HK 14715 Axis

    Fallkniven F1
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  12. Mingecutter

    Mingecutter Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 7, 2011
    Alox Cadet
    Mini grip 555-1
    Becker BK16
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  13. jbarsquat

    jbarsquat Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 22, 2017
    SAK super tinker
    CRK Large sebenza 21
    JK knives Muddy Camp
    Spyderco Dragonfly in zdp
    SYKCO 911

    The dragonfly might be soon replaced but the competition is still on!
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  14. GB940Rookie


    Apr 19, 2016
    I agree.

    Marcus' thread was top 5 folders, not top 5 knives.

    My top 5 knives at the moment.
    Gunfighter Bowie
    Gayle Bradley 2
    Rookie G10
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  15. BlakeHirschmugl

    BlakeHirschmugl One More Knife

    Aug 15, 2017
    Competition between your favorites is a good problem to have ;)
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  16. BlakeHirschmugl

    BlakeHirschmugl One More Knife

    Aug 15, 2017
    That Bowie is so sick!
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  17. woodysone

    woodysone Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 21, 2005
    For me it's : Benchmade 710 ; Spyderco Para-military 2: CRK sebenza; Carothers field knife and case swayback. With those I believe I have all my bases covered in the direction of my collecting
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  18. Wowbagger


    Sep 20, 2015
    Oh . . . that finally sunk in. I was reading "your world of knife use wouldn't be the same".
    I get to do it again !
    I never get do overs just dope slaps.
    Oh boy oh boy :

    • Buck 110 ~ 1981yr
    • SAK Champ ~ 1992
    • Cold Steel Hold Out One (wow, just wow great stuff)
    • Cold Steel Large Voyager (can not be beat for what you get in a work knife and it looks cool)
    • Spyderco Military M4 (so classic so useful )
    • Spyderco Balance (too weird and cool not to have; looks like a flying saucer closed)
    • Spyderco UK PK (overall could be the very best light one hand opener for the price. A knife sure to become a super classic).

    More than five ? I hadda make up for my mistake. :rolleyes:
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  19. GB940Rookie


    Apr 19, 2016
    Thanks. I have a buddy who starts drooling every time he sees it.
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  20. JJ_Colt45

    JJ_Colt45 Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 11, 2014
    Bradford Guardian 4
    Winkler II Hunting Knife
    ZT 0909 or the ZT 566
    LT Wright GNS in AEB-L Comvex grind
    Northfield Improved Trapper Stag

    in a few days that may change ... it seems to have a mind of its own
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