What's Your'e Excuse for Not Upgrading Your BF Membership?

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The features exclusive to paying members are not features I am likely to use, so I doubt I'll upgrade.
Did it this morning. Even if I weren't going to use the features I want to support the forum. I feel that I owe the forum more than $20 for what I have gained here in knowledge alone. Not to mention the great friendships I have made. I really hope more people upgrade.
Im torn between what Razor said, and what shootist said. I think I will take a look at my finances today and upgrade if I can. I do feel like I owe BF some monetary support.
Im almost 15, Ill ugrade when My parents let me. If it wasnt for here, the only Balisong Id have would be the "CCC" (as Chuck says) and I wouldnt know how to use it.:D
Just knowing the money would be going to Kevin (Spark) is enough reason for me not to ever send a cent. I can't stand his pushy, obnoxious manner in dealing with his clients and members of this, his forum.
Originally posted by volvi
Just knowing the money would be going to Kevin (Spark) is enough reason for me not to ever send a cent. I can't stand his pushy, obnoxious manner in dealing with his clients and members of this, his forum.

Unless you're joking, I have to ask: if that's your attitude, why participate in this forum, which BELONGS TO KEVIN and is thus HIS TO RUN AS HE CHOSES?
I don't (yet) have any knives to sell, and I really don't need any advanced features (I'm lucky I can do what I'm doing, esp. with my computer as nasty to me as it is). However, I did order a Goddard L.W. and TufGlide from 1SKS. The Goddard was out of stock (hey, they had it on their website!) and the TufGlide cost me a pretty penny after shipping by itself. But I'm not complaining, since I ordered to support BF and I really needed the TuffGlide!

BTW, I don't feel so guilty now!:)

I probably will upgrade in the next few months, or buy something else from 1SKS. Besides, I don't complain about BF.

Again, I think Spark is doing a good job, and he and all the moderators have my thanks. I love this place!


P.S. And I don't cause any trouble, either!:p
Relax Razor - like I said before, certain people will cut off their nose to spite their face.

Good thing this is BladeForums.com, not PopularityContest.com, I guess.

I've offended my share of people in the past, and I guess that's my burden to carry. Oh well, I'm not going to cry about it.

There's always a "but" out there for some people, as in "I'd do it, but..."

I didn't set up this forum so that people would worship me, or agree with me, or even like me - <b>I'm not the focus of this site</b>. This site is here for knife information.

Maybe I should set up SparkIsAGodForums.com. Seems that certain people need the outlet to vent.

Well, if you're not irritated, Spark, then I'm not either, I guess. Personally, I think you do a good job of running this site, and I've always considered you a pretty hands-off guy when it comes to post content (which is a laudable trait in a forum owner, if you ask me).

I've been wearing my BladeForums.com hat around town for quite some time, hoping a fellow forumite or lurker will come forward. No one has. Though that might be me... ;)
I don't use or really have a need for the new features either but I think its very important for those who use the forum to support the forum regardless.
I support the forum by purchasing forum-related merchandise, such as the aforementioned BladeForums.com hat.
To answer the original question, I'm not. Any attempt to browbeat me will only harden my stance.

Nothing is harder to do gracefully than get down off your high horse.
I despise peer pressure in any form. I have my own reasons for deciding to pay for the use of this site, and I respect everyone else’s decision in that regard

I’m here to talk about knives. Take this to the Community Forum if you want to ask strictly personal questions.
I was Happy to fork over my money for an upgrade, the information I have learned at this site could never have been found in thirty dollars worth of knife magazines. But one of the best things I have found about this site is the people. That my friends is priceless.
While I do appreciate the sentiment expressed in starting this thread, I have to agree with James - and as such, I'm going to close down this thread. I don't want anyone to feel pressured to become a Premium or Gold member.

Even though everyone cool is doing it.

You want to be popular, don't you?

You don't want to get the wrong reputation do you?


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