When can we expect to obtain the new Leatherman products?


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Dec 25, 1998
I am especially inerested in the new, improved Supertool that debuted at the SHOT show. Any idea when we can expect these to hit the shelves? I like the Pulse so much, I am glad they are incorporating these refinements into the Supertool.


Dennis Bible

It took about a year (I think) from when the Pulse was debuted at shot and it hit the shelves. Im happy to see that they included the refinements to the super as well. Though I dont think I would replace mine with a new version. Ill just have to wait for my super to break .... guess its going to be a while !!

The pulse has replaced my super as my everyday belt tool. Its a little smaller and lighter and does everything I need. Still carry the super in my ruck though and on hiking trips


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On the Leatherman website (www.leatherman.com, they note that the expected release date for the "Super Tool 200" is August 2001. I am also looking forward to the "Juice" models that are coming out.
Juice Models ??

Just came from their site. Damn it all !!

I may have to give mine away to someone and buy the new one after all.


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Huh, I'll have to see what's up in six months or so just in case something can beat my Wave.

You could put nacho cheese sauce on it...
The Juice models are way cool. They are not intended to replace a multi-tool and are like a mini-multi-tool for the SAK set. They are well built, of course, handy, come with useful implements and have a great company behind them. BUT THOSE COLORS ????????
Is Leatherman going to start using properly tempered steel in their blades? My Super Leatherman is a great utility tool, but t does not hold an edge; it will dull sharpening a pencil. The file works great, the serrated blade not so bad, so Leatherman must know something abut heat treating. But the blade is a POS.