When do you think the 0801 will be readily available?

Aug 28, 2011
The 0801 is a knife I know I'll buy, most likely from someone in this forum. It doesn't seem like there are that many for sale yet.

When do you think they'll be readily available in online stores and on the forum?
They are now, try kershawguy.com extremely reputable dealer on here with the best prices and fastest shipping.
The biggest reason your not seeing them all over is because the most popular dealers tend to take preorders and those lists can get to be a mile long and they are probably still catching up. But the lesser known dealers and the ones that didnt take preorders seem to have plenty of them. I know i havent had a hard time finding them. some of the paid dealers that have them as we speak are House of blades, new graham and kershaw guy just to name a few.