When will we need to select handles

Nov 1, 2007
Just to keep the K-9 site alive, When will we need to select handles and extras (extra handles, custom vs basic sheath, whatever else is an option, etc.) and when do we need to pay the rest of the bounty?
Jul 19, 2000
When asked what I wanted handle wide, I said I did not care as long as it had something!
I just wanted in on the first run........what ever they had more of or wanted to get rid of.

I echo your want to keep the site alive, but I think when the knives arrive, we will see plenty of activity here :D I am really excited about this one as it is going to be mine.

We need a thread on the next K9 out of the kennel, the big chopper and the folder (I will continue to lobby for the big chopper to be named CERBERUS)

Cerberus ;)