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where and can i go to test

Mar 14, 2001
i am a newbee maker,can i send my blades anywhere to have them tested, my designs are fresh and my craftsmenship is great but i dont know about the quality of my heat treats and the functinability of my toys any help would be apreciated
thanks mike
I'm kinda confused at on what you are getting at. Do you mean by saying that you are not to shure of your heat treat do you mean to say that you want someone to test the hardness on a hardness tester machine? Or do you mean you want someone to take a knife of yours and "use & abuse" it to see what it can and can't take. If that is the case give one to a guy called CLIFF STAMP. He is verry good at destroying peoples knives.
If you want a hardness/rockwell, I believe Rob Simonich does them as well as heat treatments for a small fee.
I have access to a hardness tester at work. I'll check it for free, if you pay shipping. Be aware that a hardness tester leaves small "dimples" in the blade, similar to a center punches' mark. It's best to test in an inconspicuous area. My home e-mail hasn't worked for 2 weeks. Use www.russb@conntool.com