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Where are the Combat Basics?

Jun 24, 1999
I've been hearing a whole lot about the Busse Basics line but can't find them. I own a Battle Mistress and it is by far the best knife i've ever owned. I'm now interested in the Basic #7, I've called Busse and was given the names of some retailers but can't find the knives. If anyone knows for sure where the basics are being sold or will be sold, I would appreciate the info.
WOW is scheduled to have them pretty quick, and from there dealers will start getting them. It's just a short time now.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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I will anounce when they arrive. Dealers better order now if they want any because they are selling out fast. The #9 will be sold out soon so get your orders in. If you can not find a dealer who will stock them call us and we will set you up with dealers who have already ordered.

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