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Where can I find a Tsunami?

Apr 18, 2006
I'm new on this forum, but back in the 90's I had a Pentagon (great knife!) and a SOG folder. I moved on to Microtechs and Striders, etc., until a wife and 3 little girls caused me to liquidate my stash. Now I'm back to SOG's and want a Tsunami - and I know they aren't made anymore, but does anyone know where some or one could be located? A Tsunami would be a great knife for me in law enforcement.
Hi Maddiemak,

Welcome back to the SOG fold!

One Tsunami, coming up!

...or if they're out of stock and you need one (I know first hand what it's like to sell a knife and then have second thoughts years later), you could get the Tsunami from Europe at a much higher cost.

You've also got your choice of with and without guard!
They have stocks in South Africa. Picked up one in early December and have been enjoying it.