Where Can I Find Out About The New Kershaw Models?

Jedi Knife

May 6, 1999
I've heard mention of the Whirlwind, Blizzard and Blackout models from Kershaw Cutlery. Can anyone provide more information about these, or is there a URL I can go to see them? I have been to the Kershaw website but haven't found any mention of these models. Thanks!

Go to Kershaw's website and email them and ask them to send you their new catalog. I just did and they included a price list and a kitchen cutlery catalog.

Their web site isn't that good, but you can email them from there.



Jedi Knife, The new Kershaw/Ken Onion whirlwind, blackout and blizzard knives will make there grand debut at the blade show in Atlanta and they are taking orders now. It is my understanding that they will be shipping on june 1.They have already built a bunch of them but the hold up has been the belt clips as they havn't recieved them yet.
I've been beating the crap out of the samples that they sent me and let me tell ya they are tough I ran them over with my truck, and then punched the gas and spun out on top of them ( put a nice dent in my fence)I scratched it up pretty good but it still operated smooth as silk.I body slammed them on the concrete floor of my shop about twenty times no problem then I went out side to my knife throwing board in the yard and threw it into that about 10-15 times still no problem then I tested the lock it was still solid I locked the blade in my vice with a 2x4 cushion for the cutting edge which was beat up pretty bad by now and yanked the handle pretty hard several times and it held This suprised me . I don't recomend any one doing this to there knife cause it looked like it went through hell and it did,I just did it to see how much it could take and to test the plastic/ kevlar/nylon handle to see if I could break it.For an inexpensive $79.00 suggested retail(Whirlwind)$89.00suggested retail(Blackout)with Speed Safe,it is a great everyday work knife. By the way the Speed Safe opening mechanism is very strong in these knives and the lockup is very secure Now everyone can afford a Speed Safe.
Im sure all of the larger distributers have info on them. Kershaw will probably send you a catalogue if you call and ask them.If you can hold on for about another week or two your favorite dealer will have them in stock. if you have any questions I can help with feel free to ask I pull no punches, I'll tell you all I know and won't B/S you.
Aloha!!!Ken Onion
In BLADE magazine, if you order 3years worth of BLADE for $60, they will throw in the Black Out for only an aditional $40. I would do this, but I would rather have a Random Task, as they have CPM 440-V blades and g-10 handles.

It's great to see you playing an active (and I DO mean active!) role in testing products you help to design. Keep up the good work! Have you decided on a name for your Millenium series knife that is pictured at the Knife Reviews section? I still favor the name "Centurion", for several appropriate resons.

Hi Ken, I have one of the new Random Tasks and it’s a great knife. I would like to make it my daily carry but I am not sure of the legality of the knife. Specifically, why is the knife not a switchblade? Kershaw does not sell these knives as automatics. Will they back legal challenge should someone be arrested under “illegal automatic knife” charge for carrying one?

I feel that there is a cloud over knives. Should they be legal then line between an automatic and manual will have been eroded. I have been advised, but not by legal counsel, that these knives are probably automatics by the way my state classifies autos.

I have tried to get the issue discussed on these forums but so far without success.

I appreciate the fact that you post here.

-roger blake

Why "440A" (RICOCHET, Blizzard, Black Onion), it's giving me reservations.


Your question is the exact one that I was going to post.


So, how about it. With such a nice looking batch of new designs,(most with the "Speed Safe"), why was the decision made to go with 440A?

Please help, inquiring minds want to know..

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I'm very curious why the Blizzard and Whirlwind are different prices - their stats appear identical on the Skylands page. Maybe the Blizzard isn't Speed-Safe the way the description says?

I'm thrilled by the prices Kershaw has managed to achieve on these models, but I think that $10 more for 440C or AUS-8 would have been a better way to go. Still look to be some fine knives, though.


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
Why 440A? Well guys, I tried to get a really good piece of steel; but if every knife Kershaw made cost $100 or $150 dollars, then we would be denying those that can't afford one. We're trying to make it so everyone can afford a Speed Safe. It's still a great knife for the money.

Fear not my friends, we got some really cool stuff for ya next year with really great steel. With reguard to why the price difference b/t Blizzard and Whirlwind, well it's because the Blizzard doesn't have Speed Safe and Whirlwind does.

I hope I answered all your questions, if you have any more, feel free to post.

Aloha!!! Ken