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Where can i get a Large Sebenza for the cheapest.

Mar 19, 1999
sorry to sound like a cheap idiot, but everyone wants a bargain, i wanted this knife ever since my first knife show attendance but didn't have that much green$$$ on me. I am interested in the large plain sebenza, no decorations, im not an art/knife guy.
rage, the only way you will save any money is if you buy a NIB blade on the sale forums or haggle with a dealer at a knife show. Keep your eyes sharp, and you could save fifty or sixty dollars off of a new one from someones post. Good luck.


I wish you the best of luck on your new mission. I know what it's like.

Unlike you, I was lucky enough to have the green $tuff on me the first and only time I actually handled a Large Sebenza. Of course it was love at first sight/opening and BAM! that puppy was mine.
The wife was a little wary at first, but has grown to appreciate the fact that I have purchased a user and a keeper. Perhaps, one day an heirloom for my daughter.
Either way, once you get one at full price or not(BTW I recommend BG42 over ATS-34)
you will never let it go. I still can't bring myself to part with it for the week it takes to get my name on it.
Soon ,very soon though.

Good luck,

God bless!

Romans 10:9-10

"Military" Fans Unite!!
RAGE...James is right..gun shows are a good spot...Post in the forum what your lookin for. I will say they are the most awesome working blades around...ok for defense too. You'll be glad you got one or two...
You won't find any dealers selling them at a discount. Chris Reeve keeps a tight control on his prices, he even threatened to stop selling his knives to a dealer in Los Angeles I frequent when he found that he had a sale was was selling the Unfaam for like $259. I don't think the dealers are allowed to discount the knives more than 5% or so.

When it takes so long to get new stock, why would anybody in their right mind wholesale something out or, come anywhere close to wholesale? When this dealer sells out of CRK, how long will it take him to get replacement stock? If a dealer is through with the CRK line and wants to unload any remaining stock, then blowing them out the door may be what the former dealer wants, a fast buck - one time.

As to pricing, I can charge whatever I feel like for the knives I have in stock. I may not be able to replace them, ever, but, they are my knives! Price fixing isn't legal in most of the 50 states here in the U.S.A. so, free market economics generally rule.

The things I would look for are service and/or perks. When you call me or email (if email works
) you get the same answer everytime, retail price. I can throw in shipping or offer a no finance plan to help ease the pain but, you won't get it in your hands for less then retail price.

Finally, a gently used knife can be had sometimes at a great enough discount to make it worthwhile. Some customs hold their value very well so, it may be worth your time to save an extra month or two and get that dream knife brand spankin' new. After all, how many customs do you buy in one lifetime?

Hope this helps,

Sid Post
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Folks, I have seen new large Sebenzas for as low as 275.00 at gun shows and smalls for $240.00...but these finds are rare... Dealers get wild at shows!
Saw one about 2 months ago, here in NC...but may have been and old one(NIB) ats34...Lg. for 250.00...I think Mr. Reeves has just released several runs of both sizes and he keeps a tite rayne on the prices..325./lg.... 290./ sm


If you can buy a Sebenza from a reputable dealer who is selling you a current production model that is new, BUY IT! Be careful at gun shows though, everyone does not operate an acceptable level of ethics so there may be something going on that is not obvious resulting in the low price.