Where can I get some Kydex really cheaply?

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Apr 24, 1999
Self-explanatory post, I believe. Just looking for some thin (.060") or slightly bigger kydex (is concealex as easily moldable as kydex?) in black only. I don't want a huge sheet, something like 18"x18" or 24"x24". I looked up Blade-Tech, but isn't there anywhere I can get some for less than $30? Some chicago screws, or even better, plastic or Ti chicago screws would be nice, too. And some paracord, in black, too, would be nice, and some rivets. And a backhoe, and a forklift, and my two front teeth, and world peace. Oh yeah, all in the same place would be nice, too. Thanks.

I'm sure if you do a search in the Shop Talk forum you'll find the answers to your questions. I'm moving your post there as well as I'm sure you'll get more satisfactory responses there as well.

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