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Where could I find a knife terminology guide?

I am a little bewildered by the fariety of finishes, point styles, steel types and locking mechanisms. Could anyone point me to a guide explaining what the terms mean and how the different styles are significant? Thanks.

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Ooops! Just found the Knowledge Base...still, illustrated guides would be welcome.

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May 15, 2000
A.G.Russell has a Knife Encyclopedia on his web site check it out.
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Lots of useful info but no pictures...I find it difficult to envision many of the variations.
There are pictures in the AGRussell knife encylopedia. For example, there is a picture of a clip point blade under 'clip point'. Another good text encyclopedia is the one by Joe Talmadge at KnifeArt.com: Knife Encyclopedia

There are a number of other great articles at the knifeart site: Knife Articles

I especially recommend Darrel Ralph's how to evaluate a custom knife article. Although written with custom knives in mind, the principles are the same for production pieces. The Edge Geometry article by Joe Talmadge is also worth reading.

If you have a specific question, ask it here and someone will be happy to help. Or you can use the Search link at the top of every page to search any of the forums and archives for specific topics.

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