Where could I get a quality Kydex/Concealex sheath made for CS Kukhri?


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Apr 6, 1999
I want to get a kydex or concealex sheath made to replace the leather joke that came with my Cold Steel Kukhri. I'd like a mild turn-around time, and I'd love not to have to send my knife out to be fitted. I seem to remember Blade-Tech or the like saying in an ad that they specialized in Cold Steel knives, and likely they made the sheath for my Safe Keeper. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Try Blade-Tech and also Edge Works. I could do it for you, but I would need the knife and I would have to put an order in for some more Kydex or COncealex, which would add to the wait. Last guy who sent me a knife, though, had it back in Priority Mail the next day. I think Edge Works and Blade Tech are pretty busy, but if they already have a mold for the CS kukri, they could knock one out in a few minutes.

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