Where does the clip go best?

Aug 6, 1999
What do you all think? The clip should go on the end of the handle for "tip-up carry" while folded? or near the pin for "tip-down carry"?
I prefer mine with the clip near the handle tip so that when in my right side front pocket the blade is to the rear. Allows for a very fast one handed draw and open. For me at least
I feel that if the knife is small enough that your thumb reaches the stud, hole, or disc when it is drawn from your pocket tip-up, this is how it should be carried. This way you can draw the knife in the same grip that you will open it. For me, however, this only works on knives with blades under about 3.25" or so. Larger knives require me to adjust my grip before opening, so I prefer tip-down where merely have to flip the knife 180 degrees into my palm instead of "scooting" my grip up the handle to get the right grip for opening.

There is also a very special thing that can be done with tip-down blade-hole knives: the "Spyder-drop" as it used to be called in ads. This is where the knife is withdrawn from the pocket by holding the blade hole and the handle is flipped open with a quick twitch of the wrist. The blade may be used from this grip or "hopped" quickly to a more usual one. In my experience this is the fastest deployment method among practiced users, though I have never met someone proficient with Emerson's "Wave" system.

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Best position for a clip? Removed so that it does not get in the way of using your sheath.

Tip-Down is the only way I carry! In fact,I dont own a knife that isn't tip-down.


Tip down, the way God intended knives to be carried.

Tip Down. I used to think I would really like the tip up, but a couple of times while drawing my Emerson CQC-7A (tip up) the blade started to come open on me, so now I am Tip Down.
Tip up!
But I'm learning to love tip down carry too!

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Tip down. I've been accidentally cut more than a few times with my tip-up carry knives when they open while clipped.

Both ways are perfectly OK.

But of course the smarter and more sophisticated members prefer the clip at the butt end.

I like to call that pivot down.

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Many times, it should go into the junk drawer with all of the other useless stuff we hate to throw away.My pet peeve is that we mess up a lot of very comfortable and attractive knife handles by feeling the necessity of screwing a curved piece of metal onto them regardless of the utility thereof. My collection is full of prefectly "pocketable" knives that have several empty screw holes in them where the clip has been removed. If it's too big for the pocket, it could probably be carried better in some type of well designed sheath.I know that I am in a small minority, so please save the flames.As I said, it's just one of my very pet peeves.

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Having the clip on the pivot end, configured for tip-down carry is the way all the cool people like it

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I have to say, I agree with Corduroy and Marion David Poff--tip-up/pivot end down works best for me...when I grab the knife, the thumb leads and is already working the hole or stud while I draw, and the knife is in the hand in the intended grip, without having to readjust. It IS a little more awkward with larger knives, where the reach with my thumb is a little longer... and I haven't cut myself yet.

I like what Poff says about: this is the way the most sophisticated users prefer to carry.

Well, really what I said was that I like this setup on very small knives... I don't usually carry such knives. My daily carry is one of eight knives that all have 3.5"-4" blades and are tip-down with "the hole" so I can "drop" them open. I've carried little tip-up knives and I liked it a lot, but I can't use the same drawing/opening technique on bigger ones. Besides, such a little knife is so... so... practical. Yuck!

I guess my answer is "it depends"