Where in the world is Joe?

Aug 24, 1999
I'm right here, but not for long. :p
This whole, "lets move Buck Knives up to Idaho" thing has my tired aching! Whose idea was this anyways? :)
I did want to let my fellow forum-ites know that i will be checking in as often as i can although that wont be very often at all. I leave 12/17 for Idaho and will be back in San Diego on 1/5/05. I hope that with Josh and Jeff checking in from time to time we will be able to answer all questions that pop up.
With any luck, things will be back to normal in a couple months. Remember to play nice while I'm gone. :rolleyes:
Take care,
Good luck, I can't wait to see some knives made in Idaho. Scratch that, I can't wait to own some knives made in Idaho. :D