Where is the best place to get Newt's knives

Apr 7, 1999
I don't know where to get his knives, from his site, or from a dealer. I just want the least expensive Air Assault. It looks like 125 at his own site is the best price. Cold steel charges double the price of internet dealers if you buy from them, so I don't want to make that mistake. help please
Get them directly from Newt. He is a pleasure to deal with. I am on his sight right now ordering the new Bugger.

$27.00 (Shipping included) for a Titanium neck knife.
Call Newt! I've only seen his knives on one other web site (can't remember where) and they were the same or more.

Order from Newt...thats where I got my Air Assault. BTW...The Air Assault kicks ass. It is the best 5"+ knife I have ever owned.

I'll second the idea of going to Newt directly. It may take a little longer to get the knife than a dealer, but you're getting the lowest price, and besides that, Newt gets back to you about inquiries w/in the day or a couple days after. And also from what I've heard, he's been known to throw in extra "goodies" like the SOP or NRG if you buy one of the more expensive knives.
if you want them fast call newt and ask about one of his retailers. If you don't care about time so much and want to save some cash then order through newt himself.
I have the Air assault and LP and SOp. Great knives!!...they are razors