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Where is the "choil" and the "ricasso"?

Mar 12, 1999
An explanation would be great a picture worth a thousand words.
Sorry, no picture, but I can explain it;

A choil is a little scooped-out area at the base of the blade to either put your finger in to choke up on the blade, or to aid in sharpening by increasing clearance between blade and stone. They may be real small, or big enough to put your finger in. Note: this is not a closed circle, more like an open half circle. See Bagwell/Ontario Hell's Belle at www.knifecenter.com

A ricasso is what you get when you leave the base of the blade unsharpened and beveled. A ricasso may include a choil. In some swords this allowed a secong hand to hold the blade forward of the gaurd(see zweihander), or to allow you to finger the blade(see Italian school of fence). Most every knife has a ricasso to one degree or another. Sometimes for no reason.