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where to buy a commander


knife law moderator
Dec 25, 1998
I have posted on the want to buy section and have gotten no response. What dealers carry the commander and who has the best deals?
Most internet dealers sell the commander at full retal price (i.e. pvknife.com). Cheapest I saw was a BT2 for $200.

I bought the BT2 version for $170 on the old fightingknives.com auction site.

Hope this helps.


I bought mine direct from Emerson Knives. Tallwingedgoat is right, the Emerson Commanders sell for full retail. I figured if I have to pay full retail, might as well buy direct from the manufacture or maker. It also means more to me to actually buy it from the maker. I even talked to Ernest for over 20 minutes before I bought my Commanders. I actually ordered from him! I recieved my Commanders in 2 days after ordering with him.

I hope this doesn't piss off many, but, I rather cut out the middle man, too. It eliminates the higher possibilites of getting a returned knife or one that has been handled by others.

I am only saying this if you have to pay full retail. If you can find it much cheaper somewhere else, then of course I will buy from the middle man then. Some knives you can only buy at full retail!


" Knife Collectors Are Sharp People

P.S. One other place you may want to check are the Knives For Sale Forums at BladeForums.com and KnifeForums.com

You can usually find Commanders as well as MANY other knives that individuals are selling or trading for various reasons.

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Try Phil at Edgy-Tools.com. Post on their forum or email him at Phil@edgy-tools.com. He had a few awhile back. I've bought a few knives from him. Always good service and deals.
The Commander is a favorite of mine, but I am skeptical of the business practices regarding it. According to dealers I have spoken to, Emerson price fixes them and demands that they are sold at full retail. This is flat-out illegal. With all respect to Ernest, this is wrong and illegal, but also, he is by far not the first to do this. Think of some other high-end production knives, and think about the last time you saw them discounted? They are price fixed. If the dealer discounts them, then suddenly, they are no longer on the list of buyers. There are many others that do this practice, and it is in effect for many customs and many high end production knives. In fact, the big companies are about the only ones that DO NOT put these illegal terms on their knives. Kudos to Benchmade and Spyderco...they may be doing some other questionable distribution acts, but at least they are not blatantly price-fixing items illegally.

I bought my first Black-Ti Commander at www.fightingknives.com for $175. KUDOS TO JOSH BURBANK for selling these knives at a discount instead of caving into the maker's illegal monopolizing. He should be able to sell them at whatever price he likes, that is the LAW. Unfortunatly, according to the rumor mill we may see Josh Burbank lose his "priviledge" to sell Emerson productions knives because of his practice of auctioning them off...so get them while you can.


Ps- I have had three Commanders on order for friends, with three different distributors through my favorite dealer, for a few months now. Production and/or delivery has been halted in lieu of the new CQC7's coming out. Hopefully Commanders will be available again once they get the new CQC7 out in force.