Where to buy Mad Dog & Emerson

Mar 20, 1999
I'm looking to buy a Mad Dog Frequent Flier and Tusk & an Emerson Commander. Can anyone recommend someone who sells via mail order and can ship to the UK. If someone in the UK has used someone before, that would be a help as depending on how the package is labelled customs can be a problem, although I have never had a problem with Knifecenter.

Thanks in advance.


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Joe Gajcevic (Joe.Gajcevic@jus.gov.on.ca) currently has a TUSK in stock and I think Earl Stewart (knifeandtool@mindspring.com) does as well. You would get more information if you asked on the MD knives forum on KnifeForums.com.

I'd recommend Tim Lau at Street Smart Professional Equipment ( http://www.streetpro.com ,
Shannon Lew ( http://www.mdenterprise.com
or Scott Moore (don't know his, I think his email is mooreknife@aol.com )

There are others, but these are the three I'd choose first.


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check with confederate cultery for the Emerson. His web address is http://www.confederatecutlery.com
He has the best prices anywhere on Emersons, period! And the customer service is second to none.
Try Phil at www.edgy-tools.com also. He is good with service and prices.
Try our links section.

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<a href="http://www.bladeforums.com/links/html/sgp117.html">Mad Dog</a>

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Scott Moores' email is mooreknive@aol.com
Great guy by the way. Shannon and Earl both handle Mad Dog and Emerson.

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I'll recommend Edgy-tools also. Email Phil@edgy-tools.com or Jack@edgy-tools.com.