where to buy straight razors?


Jun 27, 1999
does anyone know of any places(mail order or internet) that sell straight razors aside
from the knifecenter of the internet?
thanks for the tip

i didnt see any on the site, am i missing something obvious(happens a lot more then it should
) or are they hidden away in some inobvious corner?
I recommend Dovo brand.There is an M.D. named Arthur Boon who has studied this.You`ll find him on rec knives.
I don`t know if this is exactly what you`re looking for but my Dad collects straight razors and buys almost all of them at antique shops. They`re usually inexpensive and some of them are very nice quality. Marcus
ive looked at a couple documents, and i have a DOVO, but i think i kinda botched the edge recently,so i want to get another one or two, and use them while i work on rehoning/stropping my current one (and ill take better care of my new ones)
thanx, i checked the site, but it didnt seem to give much info (i want the razor for shaving BTW) so ill probabally get it from somewhere else

do you know if many/any of them would be of decent quality for immediate use(i want to start with an already honed one, as i dont trust myself to properly hone one right now)

and i just realized discount knives of the internet ( www.tiac.net/users/knives/ ) carries some, maybe ill get them there
thanx for all the help, i greatly appreciate it.

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