Where to buy?

Dec 18, 1999
I am looking for a reliable dealer, perferably one with online service, to buy a SIFU from. More specificaly I am looking for a SIFU without finger grooves and with a black blade. Thanks for the help.

Contact Fred Whitlock at www.knifeoutlet.com. He is my REKAT supplier,and can probably get anything he doesn't have in stock(I just got my SIFU from him:Black D2 blade, Green handle,AWESOME).Totally honest and reliable.Highly recomend!:D
I have dealt with Fred over at Knife Outlet with great success, but I think that 1SKS is the only place that has the finger grooveless Sifu's. When you buy from Spark(1SKS) you support Bladeforums, which is always a good thing.:)
I got several SIFU's and a couple were perchased at www.knifecenter.com however, if you are looking for the one without fingergrooves than that knife was a limited edition for I belive this forum and you have to buy it from this sights knife store at 1sks.
You might want to post your search at the "Knives: Wanted To Buy" forum here at BladeForums.:). I know that a fellow Forumite (cpirtle, I believe) HAD one of those Sifu that you are looking for, for sale awhile back...
the knife you are looking for is the spec ed made for 1SKS or BF and you cant get it except from them, well ya know what i maen - try 1SKS i dont think they have any blackblade left but i could be wrong - i have 1 but not for sale lol - good luck bud