where to find a parang in the US??

Dec 18, 2006
Anyone know where to find a good quality parang in the US? I've heard good things about Valiant but you get reamed with the international shipping. Do they have a US store? Thanks
Jun 13, 2006
Hmm, not sure. U.S. maker David Farmer does some parang-like blades of his own style. Not 100% traditional, but the folk that own 'em seem to like them a lot. If you wanted something to resemble a specific pattern, I'm sure he could discuss custom work.

I'm a Valiant Trading Company fan, especially the parang bandol and lading, but I hear you on international shipping. I usually wait till I want more than one of their blades and get a larger shipment to lessen the shipping to blade cost ratio a little.

TFW has some almost parang-like wares. I enjoy the stuff from them that I own, though if I was set on an Indonesian/Malay-type parang, I might not opt for their stuff due to the stylistic differences. I tend to go to them for stuff like their kris/kalis and panabas, et cetera.