Where to find UUK review by Fred Perrin?

Jan 19, 1999
I know that Fred Perrin reviewed the Szabo UUK but the link to the review is no good. Does anyone know where I can find the review that he did a few months ago on the UUK? I am trying to gather as much info about this particular knife as I can.

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Chris Canis
Darn it! It won't connect! I keep getting server timed out and reset messages!

Could someone copy and paste it to me?




I sent the text to Canis, so nobody else needs to -- let's not mailbomb him with copies. I couldn't attach the picture to the email because of a glitch on my system so I'll post it here.

I couldn't access Fred Perrin's reviews either until I upgraded to a new computer and the latest version of Netscape. Netscape 3 has a known javascript bug but I've heard of people being unable to access that site with Internet Exploder, too.

-Cougar Allen :{)

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Muchas Gracias Amigo!!!

I'll have to check into that netscape version thing...

Thanks again all!

God, I love this place!

Chris Canis

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