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Where to get good knife display cases?

Jun 2, 1999
I was wanting to get a display case or two and I know that I can get advice from BF members on where to look on the web. I have seen www.customdisplays.com these seem nice but I wanted to know more choices before I purchase. Ideally the case would hold 8-10 knives (2 rows of 4 or 5) and each knife has a maximum OAL of 9 inches.

Thanks in advance for the help and suggestions.
I am quite happy with Custom Displays products, but the largest cases that I have only hold about four 9" knives. I have a few smaller cases as well, and all are very well made and are offered at a fair price.

I am sorry that I cannot recommend a larger type of display case or another maker, but I will be interested in other responses. I like the smaller case because they are easier to take down and allow access to the knives. Long term plans include built in glass front shelving with stands for display.

I gave up looking and made my own.
I received a catalog from custom displays, and It looks like they will make you any size up to 24" x 48". Email them.