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where to get kydex sheath for wave?


knife law moderator
Dec 25, 1998
Does anyone know of a source for a kydex sheath fo a Leatherman Wave?
i would that say custom, or home-job are your options. blade-tech, edge works, pierside for custom, and blade-tech for materials.
Make one yourself! It´s real easy. You can buy Kydex at Texas knifemakers supply.
Hey Shootist, when you get it finished, send me a picture. I would like to see what you came up with. I hadn't thought about kydex for the Wave. It's a good idea, I can't stand the sheath that comes with it.

Chad Burns
Pelle -- Can you recommend any online resources that talk about working w/Kydex? If it's not too involved, what are the basic steps to forming it? Thanks.

I'll try Jim March's tunnell for an old Kydex post. Good advise here.
<a href="http://www.knifeforums.com/cgi/Forum3/HTML/000121.html">Warp tunnel to the other universe Kydex Thread
Thanks, Gus. Great information. I saved the whole thread & will be calling some suppliers after the weekend.

I'll just have to wait until the wife is out before I play. She still hasn't entirely gotten over the time I made venison jerkey in her oven.


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Mad Dog Knives make really nice kydex sheaths for the tools, I don't know if they make one for the Wave but they make them for all the others, include the Swisstool. Much nicer than anything else I've seen by far. Cost was under $20 if I remember right.

I have a MD kydex gun glove for WAVE. I dont like it. If I do a situp, or turn the wrong way, it falls out. Unless maybe I am stupid and am putting it in wrong. But I am very active in my job, and it WILL fall out.
I'm in the process of checking with Edge Works about making me one for my Swisstool. I have both their Spyderco Moran sheaths and they ARE GREAT. Very well thought out and well made. Scott was always very gracious when I dealt with him, I plan on asking them to do several different pieces for me.