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Where Yall From?

Oct 2, 1998
Well now that the "community" feel is right. I thought it would be neat to know where everyone is from. Many friends have been made here and it just might be the person you made friends with does not live to far down the road. So Where Yall From?

Me, I am from Jacksonville Florida, Grew up in Tallahassee and was born in Weisbaden West Germany (when there was a West Germany).

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
Born in Chicago, raised in the Philippines, joined the US Army after college, now a civilian working in New York City.

Born in Folsom CA. (right ACROSS from the prison), moved to Salem OR. (age 10), currently reside in San Diego CA.

I do consider myself an Oregonian. I am simply staying in Cali. for a short period of time.

Hopefully, in the not too distant future, I will call my self an Arizonan (Arizonian?? Zonie??)

I was born in Michigan 34 years ago,have lived in Arizona for the past 5 years,, nice state to live in ,but I do miss the awsome deer hunting we had back home!
Born and raised in Oklahoma.


Born in Brooklyn (ya gotta friggin' problem wit dat?

Been living in South FL for 11 years or so, due to work.

In five years I hope to be living in a state with mountainous terrain (AZ, NC, ID, MT or somesuch) where my motorcycle won't hate me for living in a flat environment.

Born,raised, and still here....Southern California. Can't seem to get outa here!
I was born, raised, and still live in SOUTH CAROLINA, the home of the longest deer season in the US, General Wade Hampton[ who carried a double edged BROAD SWORD into battle in the War of Northern Aggression] , and some of the best Sporting Clay courses in the Country.

Will Fennell/EDI Knives
Rock Hill, SC
Well, I have lived in about 30 of the 50 states, air force brat. But currently I live In Greenville North Carolina. Unfortunately My wife got transfered here so i have to live somewhere where it is flat and lifeless..

I've been living in Utah since I was 10 days old. Lived in Provo for about 7 years and then mover up to Salt Lake City and I've lived here for the last 8 years.

Blues: I remember this one joke about Brooklyn. Brooklyn is so mean even that a blind guy can say "Hey, What are you loookin' at!"
I was born in Winston-Salem, NC.

I lived in Johnson City, TN for a few years when I was about 10 years old.

I've lived in Charlotte, NC for 27 of my 30 years.

Hey Will Fennell - drop by for dinner sometime - and bring a me some free samples
. You're only 15 minutes from my house!

Kelly Yates

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Born in western NC, raised in north GA. College and drafted into the Army in Atlanta and lived 23 other places since then. Plan to live the rest of my life rightchir in Vine Grove, KY. Know what a pervert is in KY? Someone who likes sex better than basketball!!!
Grew up in South East Arkansas, drove south to New Orleans for college, left Tulane, went in the Army, traveled way too much, spent too much time in the KSA, and now back in school at the University of Arkansas.

Born in Kankakee Il. and have'nt moved too far away. But my travels follow the nation's river from Minnesota to my Crescent City "second home" of New Orleans.
Born in Wahiawa, on the island of Oahu, in the state of Hawaii. Lived here all my life but have gone to school in Washington State, and been to the west coast and of course, Lost Wages.

Born and raised in Fayetteville, NY, a suburb of Syracuse. Been all over the world the last 51 years: (every state in the union, western Pacific, Europe...even bar-tended and worked in a recording studio in the UK
) (with major stops in Florida (Jacksonville area), Pennsylvannia (Philadelphia), New York (Long Island), Georgia (Athens), Tennessee (Memphis), Maine (Bath-Brunswick),and California (bay area & Sacto)) and have been camped out here in the glorious Black Hills of South Dakota for the last 4.5 years!


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Born & raised in PA.College in NY.Joined Army froliced in the fun capitols of the world-worked as a federal employee and now live in Natchez MS.