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Where's a Knife place in Vegas?

Kodiak PA

Gold Member
Dec 3, 1998
I'm going to Vegas next month for a conference and I want to vist some nice knife places. Preferably places that have a good selection. Anyone have any suggestions? Where I live there isn't many places I can see different knives and since I live on an island I can't drive anywhere.

This may be my only time this year I can leave the island. Any suggestions? Any contacts. What's a knife nut to do in Vegas if he doesn't gamble?

All advice appreciated. I go at the end of next month so I miss the knife show.




The largest knife dealer I know of in Las Vegas is Blanchard's Cutlery at 702-733-8333.
This place is on 3507 S. Maryland Pkwy, #E.

The other blace which is smaller but has a huge selection of knives is Bonds Cutlery at 702-870-2347, on 3540 W. Sahara Ave, # E-7