where's the search function?

Aug 23, 1999
I just went looking for it and found the button's not here anymore. We had one before here at HI, right?
Anyway, what I wanted to look up is past references to Russian olive. I just happened upon a recent thread where a forumite has given some Russian olive to Yvsa, for a khuk handle I presume, and I wanted to do a search to learn more about it. Around here Russian olive is kind of like a big weed, like cottonwood. Those are the first two trees to lose branches in a storm, are kind of smelly to use as firewood, and generally lack redeeming qualities, or so I thought til I saw this post. So if Russian olive has possible uses I'd love to know about 'em.
Dec 22, 1999
Moch--1 I posted a baby GRS test a while back with three other khuks using the Russian Olive trees in my pasture as fodder. Yvsa liked the looks of the cut ends so I sent him some. You're right about it being a big weed . They came in with the irrigation water and before long it was a small grove.

Yvsa I'll send you a longer piece if you'd like.